‘Fellow Travelers’ Stars Drop Behind-the-Scenes Snaps for Fans

The holiday season is almost here, but it came earlier for the cast of ‘Fellow Travelers’, as they gave early gifts in the form of behind-the-scenes photos. <3

Jonathan Bailey, who is portraying the character of a young man named Tim Laughlin, dropped a series of pics from the limited series’ production, and on the caption he wrote:

“BTS pt.1



This just means that there’s more to come! The photos consist of him showing off his actor’s chair with “Tim” written on it, as well as a shirtless photo of him getting all dolled up for his role.

Meanwhile, Noah J. Ricketts, who is playing the role of Frankie Hines in the LGBTQ+ show, posted a photo of himself wearing a black racy lingerie. 


“Christmas came early this year!,” Ricketts captioned, referring to his holiday-themed attire in the photos.

Not to mention, Bailey commented on his co-star’s Instagram post, writing:



Aside from the two actors mentioned, Jelani Alladin who is portraying the character of Marcus Gaines, Chris Bauer who is playing the role of Joe McCarthy, and Matt Visser who is starring as David Schine also dropped some behind-the-scenes content for their followers.



Moreover, the official synopsis of ‘Fellow Travelers’ reads:

“Bomer plays charismatic Hawkins Fuller, who maintains a financially rewarding, behind-the-scenes career in politics. Hawkins avoids emotional entanglements – until he meets Tim Laughlin (Bailey), a young man who’s brimming with idealism and religious faith. They begin a romance just as Joseph McCarthy and Roy Cohn declare war on “subversives and sexual deviants,” initiating one of the darkest periods in 20th-century American history.”

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‘Fellow Travelers’ is available on Paramount+ via the platform’s with Showtime plan.

Sources: gaytimes.co.uk, imdb.com

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  1. Loving this gay series so far. It reminds me a little of one of my favorite gay miniseries ‘When We Rise’ I love shows that teach the history of gay rights.


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