Female Bisexual Singer Covers Bieber’s “Love Yourself” The Way It Should Be Sung.


I've been telling people ever since it came out that Bieber's "Love Yourself" needs to be more angry and not sound so supportive. Thank you Halsey for hearing my plea.

If you haven't gotten into Halsey, there's no better time than now. The singer, who guests on Justin Bieber's Purpose with "The Feeling," just delivered a solid rendition of another Purpose track, "Love Yourself." Appearing on Australian radio station Triple J's "Like a Version," Halsey has masterfully tweaked the lyrics and sound just enough to give the song that much more edge (and a reason for you to finally let yourself love the song in public). Feel the burn, indeed.  – cosmopolitan.com




This was my first introduction to Halsey.  Just a couple of months ago, Billboard.com did a feature on the artist.  Here is an excerpt from that story, but for Billboard's full text, go here.

But Halsey doesn't fit neatly into a box. She's half-black/half-white, openly bisexual (two cuts of the steamy "Ghost" video ­alternately pair her with a man and a woman) and ­struggles with bipolar disorder, which she says made her an "unconventional child" who grew up to be an "inconvenient woman." In between, she lived a precocious, wildly ­bohemian lifestyle. She began reading Lolita and The Great Gatsby at age 7. At 14, she picked up an acoustic guitar and started doing YouTube covers. (That's how she befriended 5SOS, who were doing the same.) Later, there was a visit to a commune in Vermont and road trips to Montauk, N.Y., to break into ­strangers' beach houses. But most vital was her time ­living in the lofts off Halsey Street in Brooklyn's Bushwick neighborhood, where she found her stage name, also an anagram for Ashley. – Billboard.com

Let's keep an eye on Halsey.  We know she doesn't mind being open, original, and a little rough around the edges when she needs to be.  Can't wait to see what she does next.

2 thoughts on “Female Bisexual Singer Covers Bieber’s “Love Yourself” The Way It Should Be Sung.”

  1. towards the end the anger

    towards the end the anger shows. I think if she kept the energy, the fuck bit wouldnt even be necessary. Im not a prude. the love yourself lyric is obvious in its meaning. if anything the fuck part detracts from it

  2. So by “more angry” you mean

    So by "more angry" you mean substitute "love" for "fuck"… give me a break there is barely any different emotion in this cover than the original.


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