‘Femme Fatale’ Turns 10

‘Femme Fatale,’ the seventh studio album by Britney Spears was released in late March 2011 and had four singles released. (Photo Credit: Screenshots from music videos via Britney Spears Official YouTube Channel)

Femme Fatale may be Britney’s best album; certainly it’s her strangest. Conceptually it’s straightforward: a party record packed with sex and sadness,” Jody Rosen of Rolling Stone magazine wrote about Britney Spears’ seventh studio album when it was released ten years ago.

Produced by Max Martin and Dr. Luke, among others, what made Femme Fatale so memorable was the presence of electro-pop and EDM (electronic dance music) influences.  From the opening beat of “Till the World Ends,” Femme Fatale serves up eclectic energy through the 12 songs (16, if you own the deluxe edition). 


Selling 276,000 copies in the first week, Spears’ sixth studio album debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 and a month later, Femme Fatale would be certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Four songs off Femme Fatale were released as singles:

“Hold It Against Me”- Written by Bonnie McKee, Dr. Luke, and Max Martin, it was originally offered to Katy Perry, but both Dr. Luke and Martin felt it didn’t suit Perry.


“Till the World Ends”- This single was written by Martin, Dr. Luke, Alexander Kronlund, and Kesha (who appeared on the remix along with Nicki Minaj).

“I Wanna Go”- The video allowed Spears to poke fun at herself.  The video opens with a press conference where reporters ask Spears outrageous questions, leading to a call back from a scene from the film Half Baked, in which Britney’s co-star Guillermo Diaz starred.


“Criminal”- The only single not to make to the top 10 in the Billboard Hot 100.  It did make a resurgence last year thanks largely to the “Mugshot Challenge” on TikTok.



Other notable songs from Femme Fatale are “Big Fat Bass” (featuring will.i.am), “How I Roll,” and “(Drop Dead) Beautiful” (featuring Sabi). For a refresher on the rest of the songs from Femme Fatale, you can listen to them in the YouTube playlist below.

What is your favorite song from Femme Fatale? Is Britney’s seventh studio album your favorite? Let us know your thoughts on the album in the comments or on social media accounts.

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