FINALLY! Will & Grace Tease a ‘Big Fat Gay Wedding’ For The Upcoming Season

We will definitely drink to this: a "Big Fat Gay Wedding" on the upcoming season of the Will & Grace revival.


There's already so much information about season 2 of the hit NBC series that we are practically salivating at its return. For one, there are several guest stars slated to appear (some new, some returning). This includes David Schwimmer, Chelsea Handler, Adam Rippon, Matt Bomer and Minnie Driver just to name a few. Yay!

Now, the show's official Twitter account just teased that a gay wedding will happen in the upcoming season… which officially premieres October 4th on NBC.




The tagline in the hilarious video is "Being single is so last season," while Etta James' classic hit "At Last" plays in the background. All four of the cast members (Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Sean Hayes, Megan Mullally) are all trying to catch the bouquet, so this leaves a lot of questions as to who will be walking down the aisle.

For one, we know that David Schwimmer will be a recurring character as Grace's love interest (and he won't be playing Ross, folks). In the season one finale, Karen sticks with Stan and ditches Malcolm (Alec Baldwin), Will remains painfully single and Jack returns from Ibiza with a guy named Estefan (Brian Jordan Alvarez). There is also the cliffhanger about Will's mother Marilyn (Blythe Danner) and Grace's father Martin (Robert Klein) getting married… but they aren't gay.

So there's a lot of balls up in the air over who will walk down the aisle and what will make this wedding big, fat and gay. Can't wait to see what happens when the show returns in one month!


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