Finding Balance, Burgers, Beach Time + More

Sharing some favorite Instagrams from the week starting with Reacher star Alan Ritchson, who broke 240 lbs (and Instagram).

Chef Ronnie Woo kept his diet balanced:

Miguel Aquino put his chill on display:

Olympian Brett Morse showed off his big and tall dad-bod goodness:

Nyle DiMarco grabbed the grapes in the French countryside:

Matthew Camp had a range of opinions about this selfie:

Bruno’s beach day in Portugal:

Okkar Min Maung played the staring game:

Out country music artist Hayden Joseph enjoyed the Las Vegas Strip:

Bruno Baba offered these lessons in happiness:

Dr. Marco on following your heart:

Rich Burns found a chill moment after being honored with the 2022 Humanitas Prize for his web series, The Disappointments.

This is Thai’s TGIF face:

Sam Cushing was ready for a run:

Sterling Walker geared up for Folsom Fest in San Francisco:

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