Finding Prince Charming? More Like Finding Prince Douchebag

photo via Instagram @rsjdesign

One-time reality tv ‘star’ Robert Sepúlveda Jr. is showing off his true colors, and these colors reek of transphobia, after what looks like being rejected online by someone he was interested in. It also looks like the Finding Prince Charming star is the account holder of an ‘anonymous’ Twitter account supposedly operated by “a married straight dude with a wild, kinky edge!”

The very messy story is brought to us by Mirko Kovac, known online as The Trans Wolf. Kovac relayed the dismaying story to his almost 38k followers explaining that he was being harassed and verbally abused by “the anonymous transphobe from my previous posts is the straight ‘LGBTQ+ activist'”  


Said activist is Robert Sepulveda Jr, who starred as Prince Charming in LogoTV’s Finding Prince Charming in 2016. That show was not without controversy as it came to light after the show premiered that Sepulveda had a past background in escorting. [Sex work is work btw, no slut shaming here]

After receiving messages from @UCXL10 Kovac responded, “Heyo, not sure what kinda hot interactions between a gay man and someone who is straight? I’m confused. I have zero interest in entertaining someone’s fantasy at my expense or emotional labor.” And here’s where Sepúlveda shows those true colors first responding “just reply back how’s it going,” then,

“The fuck are you talking about you have sex on camera lol. Whatever anger u have about life is ur own. I was being friendly. And if you haven’t forgotten, you have a fucking pussy you’re a woman, so get the fuck over it.”



According to Out magazine, Sepúlveda was identified through detective work by Kovac, 

“In other slides, Kovac transposed images from the anonymous Twitter account with images from Sepúlveda’s publicly available and verified Instagram account. He pointed out identical blankets, as well as similarities in the backyard decor. And though this all seemed quite compelling, it was Sepúlveda himself who confirmed he ran the account which has since gone private and removed all photo and video uploads.”

“Prince Charming” keeps the hate-fueled rhetoric going all the while mentioning the apparently ample size of his girth in the same sentence, what a keeper! Kovac has since blocked his one-time admirer as many of his followers share the story to call out transphobia. Do better Sepúlveda.






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  1. Robert Sepúlveda must be cancelled. And after all, we know He’s upstart.

    One straight man more who has used LGBTTTIQ for make money and fame.

    He is not “ally” or “activist”.


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