Finding Unique Gay Hot Spots In These 3 Cities Was Worth the Research

How’s the Bar Scene in Your Town? 

When traveling, I do have to admit, I do not do a good job in hitting all the gay hot spots in a new town. Sometimes I’m just very content at exploring the food, sports, history, and what makes those cities special and worth visiting. After all that cuisine and cultural exploration, I’m sometimes just done as “she done already done had herses”.

But then there are some venues in certain cities that make their presence known even before you get into a town and they must be visited and revisited during every visit. Here’s three that I would put on my list to visit every time I touch down in Portland, Oregon and Houston, Texas and Wilton Manors, Florida.

Did this Venue Help Put Portland, Oregon On the Map?

We recently we received a survey titled Party in the USA: The Best Cities for a Night Out in America in 2024. Research by online casino reviewer The Casino Wizard analyzed multiple factors people may consider necessary when planning their nights out. These factors include the number of bars, average hotel prices, average drink prices, activities available, weather, and other metrics. The study analyzed the 100 most populated cities in America. Portland, Oregon made it to the number four spot on the list right behind some pretty big competition.

  1. Las Vegas – Party Score: 40.39 out of 60
  2. San Francisco – Party Score: 37.10 out of 60
  3. New York – Party Score: 37.01 out of 60
  4. Portland – Party Score: 36.88 out of 60
  5. Orlando – Party Score: 35.79 out of 60
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Portland is a city known for its hipster culture, craft breweries, thriving food scene and abundance of attractions for visitors. Nightlife in Portland thrives, with 47 bars per 100,000 of the population this is not far behind the figure for Las Vegas (51). Some notable party hot-spots include Old Town Chinatown which has a high concentration of bars such as Stag PDX and the Dixie Tavern, other areas include Downtown Portland and the Central Eastside. Portland has average hotel prices of $119 per night, which is great value for money, and has 134 natural beauty spots or parks for visitors to experience for a bit of a change of pace and to ease the hangovers.  

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I’m sorry, but I was floored when I saw this survey highlight Stag PDX as one of the bars that helped Portland, Oregon make the list. What is Stag PDX? 

An unabashedly Pacific Northwest gentleman’s club and lounge geared toward the LGBTQ+ community. Whether it’s our nightly male dancers, drag entertainers or our (in)famous weekly Sunday Drag Brunch – we’ve got you covered. Stag PDX is now entertaining you better than ever, 7 nights a week.

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Hell yes, I go here every time I am in town. It was the first bar in Portland, Oregon I visited where I learned the dancers in that city can show everything legally. Who knew they showed peen in Portland! I foolishly asked the beyond sexy bartender, “they can show cock in Oregon?” The night got a lot more interesting. Cis men and transgender women were doing an amazing job of entertaining me all night long and this was on a Monday. Roller skates, whips, thongs, everything clapping, it was an entertaining night. There used to be two sections to the bar, but under new ownership, building usage, and rent changes, Stag PDX is now just a one-bay venue as the lounge area with pool tables is no more. 

I’d love to show some videos of the bar, some of the dancers, especially the one that stole my attention all night, but alas, videos in strip bars are not allowed.  But head over to their pages below and take a peek of their content. 




Facebook: /

Old Name, New Space, New Energy in Houston

Rich’s Houston – We were lucky enough to experience one of the newest offerings in the very gay Houston neighborhood of Montrose for entertainment. Less than a ½ a mile walk from the other bars in Montrose, Rich’s Houston (formerly F Bar and ReBar) will be a place to check out. Our visit was during brunch on Sunday. The brightness, high ceilings, floral installations, mirrors, the space was impressive, welcoming, and so gay. Come hungry as the food offerings are perfect to enjoy along with the show.

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Now if you’ve been going to Houston for years, Rich’s will be a familiar name as it is not a new name. Rich’s originally opened in 1983 and was known as the “Studio 54 of the South”. It was a multi leveled massive 15,000 square foot dance club. The name has been revisited and placed on this new location and from our experience, the name and reputation is in good hands. The place had not celebrated its official opening before we went, and every brunch seat was full for every show.

“Back in 2016, I saw there was an aspect of the Houston LGBTQ+ bar scene that was missing, so I decided to elevate Rich’s to be a more boutique lounge space,” says owner Jeff Harmon.

Image via Rich’s

Rich’s offers high-octane events and entertainment, including DJs spinning music you cannot hear anywhere else, including drag shows and other all sorts of entertainers. Legendary Houston drag star, Blackberri will be hosting weekly drag brunches, drag shows and more. Jeff Harmon reiterates, “ReBar evolved into Rich’s Houston, a vibe restaurant, lounge and boutique day/night life experience.” (lgbtq.visithouston)





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Yes, We Have No Manors

What’s been known as the Alibi – Hunters Plaza by locals for quite some time, now has something to re-hyphen about. If you know the plaza, officially called the Shoppes of Wilton Manors Shopping Mall, you also know the liquor store and the pizza place in the crotch, I mean corner of the plaza. What was a small branch location of some bank in the past is now one of Wilton Manors most exciting and newest hot spots, No Manors

Owner Steven Bialos whom has deep roots in NYC’s club scene didn’t halt on bringing the big apple feel and look to Wilton Manors. General Manager Erol Zeren said that the first night they were open, there must have been 1,000 people to see what the new space was like.

No Manors Instagram

Looks can be deceiving, for as you walk toward the bar, your thoughts are it’s just a one-bay space, but as soon as you walk in, high ceilings and the expansive space makes you take note of what they’ve done with the place. Those gays! The large main bar off to the right is very open, basically a serving bar along one wall with seating and a small handful of high-top tables. The southern wall possesses an opening where the dj sets up. The main bar room is dark and no frills and that’s more than fine as who needs frills when you’re there to order a drink. 

To the back of the main room is another smaller room that has more of a lounge feel with a small bar, chill lighting, wallpaper with giant pink flamingos, and some wrap around couches. 


The main room is where the action is. You’ll notice the long massive couch snaking along the eastern wall, jutting out into the room twice to provide stage space for nightly entertainment. 

Many were calling this place one of the newest clubs or newest nightclubs in town, but that may be an understatement to what No Manors offers. Keep up with its social media and you’ll see the variety of performers lined up to take to the No Manors stage. Entertainment Director Ryan James has invited artists from stilt walkers, fire-eaters, burlesque dancers, and more. The last night we were there, oh yes, there was burlesque. Newest favorite outfit seen on the stage? Cowboy boots and a handkerchief. We sat in the middle of the couch and felt like part of the performance, which was both good and bad. I truly enjoyed it, but I was like, am I going to be in everyone’s pictures?

Their Instagram account is set to adult content so we cannot embed their posts here, but head over to their account to see some of their options, like this one coming up in June.


No Manors is open Tuesday-Sunday so get yourself in there and be prepared for anything and everything.




We are sure there are many multifaceted gay hot spots out there. These three stick out in our past travels and they’re also in varied geographic locations. Definitely let us know if you have a spot that’s more than a rainbow watering hole that we need to check out next time we are in your town.

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