Finn Wittrock Is Super Gay In His Latest Film

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Locating Silverlake Premieres Digitally Today! 

Okay, so I may be a little biased, but there’s a recent Indie film that released today and I’m pretty obsessed with it. Why am I so stoked for this? It’s my first film credit! Yes, I got to make a smooth transition from playing a prostitute, or what they called “Cupcakes”, in Showtime’s Shameless to getting a special thanks in my first feature film, Locating Silverlake! This isn’t some ridiculous plug to see me for a moment, but I’m living for the film’s homoerotic, sexually fluid themes throughout it’s entire run. We get a butt shot from the main character, Josh Peck, formerly of Nickelodeon, and many revealing shots of absolute mega hottie, Finn Wittrock. Wittrock plays an eccentric, interesting, gay character who has a revolving door of men and tries to seduce Peck throughout the entire film’s runtime.

Directed by Emilie de Ravin’s (Lost) husband, Eric Bilitch, Locating Silverlake pegs itself as a coming of age film. The official plot reads:

“Upon graduating college, Daniel (Peck), a brokenhearted aspiring writer, without a dime or connections, packs his bags and heads to Los Angeles in the hopes of finding a new beginning. He quickly gets immersed into two very different worlds – one young, provocative and alluring; the other rooted in diversity, community and loyalty – both with their own unique appeals, advantages and dangers. Through his new experiences, he realizes who he is and where he belongs.”

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Anyone who has taken a risk will appreciate this movie. Peck’s main character begins the film as a naïve, young adult who is trying to decide what he wants to do in life. As many before him have, he ventures to Los Angeles to work in the entertainment industry. Soon, he finds himself engulfed in two different worlds. One is a sensible, close knit group of friends who aren’t the most social or fun, but are loyal. Another is the wild misfits who we’ve likely met in any bar scene, including Wittrock in a variety of revealing clothing and sometimes a lack thereof. They are the reckless ones who make poor decisions, but there is so much life to their being chaotic: Think Millennial club kids. They have a large social circle including an exciting nightlife, substance abuse, and manipulation into a hierarchy. Which completely existed in my teens upon meeting my first group of gay friends!

Wittrock plays his best gay character he has so far, and I was completely floored as his gay characters in both American Horror Story and The Assassination of Gianni Versace, so that’s saying a lot! This film really speaks to me and has a twist ending that no one will see coming. You totally must put it on your queue, stat!

Rounding out a solid, youthful cast who drive the story from scene to scene are Aubrey Peeples (Nashville), Zelda Williams (Robin Williams freakin’ daughter), and Robbie Kay (Once Upon A Time). Come on, I know it’s the weekend, but instead of watching a repeat of RuPaul’s Drag Race, let’s all tune into something we haven’t seen before. Trust me, you’ll be hypnotized!

You can check out Locating Silverlake on the following streaming services: Itunes, Google Play, Vudu, FandangoNow, and Microsoft.

In the meantime, tease yourself by watching the trailer below:

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