Firefighters Bring the Hotness to Netflix’s ‘High Heat’

Photo Credit: Netflix

High Heat is a Mexican drama that premiered on Netflix at the tail end of August. I’ve meant to start it, but several of my established favorites – Fate: The Winx Saga, Love is Blind: After the Alter and Merli Sapere Aude – all returned at the same time and I’m struggling to find time. However, after Netflix released a slew of promotional images on its Instagram account, I may have to push High Heat to the front of the line.

Created by José Ignacio Valenzuela, who also developed Who Killed Sara, High Heat follows Poncho and Olivia – firefighters who moonlight as private investigators trying to solve Poncho’s brother’s death. The show also follows an ex-convict, Ricardo, as he struggles with life outside of the prison walls. Sounds like a lot of mystery, suspense, drama and sex, if you ask me. And firefighters? Always hot.


Did you peep the trailer above? I understood very little context because I don’t speak the language, but we all speak the language of attraction and I saw lots of hot men in the trailer. Men in uniform? Always hot.

High Heat stars Iván Amozurrutia, Eduardo Capetillo, Oka Giner, Plutarco Haza, Mauricio Hénao and Polo Morín.

Thanks to the new slew of Netflix Instagram pictures, we get to see most of them in their shirtless glory below. Let’s drool together, shall we?


And don’t forget! Season 1 of High Heat is available on Netflix in its entirety. 


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