Firefighters Receive Special Training To Remove Sex Toys!

Firefighters Receive Special Training To Remove Sex Toys!


Finally, We’ll Have Someone To Call In A Sexual Emergency!

#HOT! It looks like some firefighters are getting the training that goes into preparing for International Male Leather! Have you ever had a problem arise involving a sex toy? Not too get too personal, but a few weeks ago I received a – I’ll say a diamond – ring from my recent LuvParts order and after a few drinks I fell asleep with it on! The mere thought of waking up and thinking my junk was stuck together was absolutely horrifying. Luckily, it was a quick fix. But, it’s good to know that firefighters in Germany are prepared for instances where the ring isn’t so easy to get off!

According to Metro UK, 600 firefighters are now trained on how to properly remove penis rings and butt plugs from our sexually adventurous brothers and sisters. Allegedly, the key to removing the toys properly is sensitivity and delicacy. To remove a penis ring, you’ve got to poke your guy through a heat shield blanket, then bandage it, add a paste to prevent burns, and a spatula is interested between your junk and special toy before it becomes cut off with a grinder – not the popular dating app. The process takes about fifteen minutes. Yikes!

So, there’s photographs of the firefighters training – but I’m not certain if you want to stomach seeing them. Head HERE to check out the NSFW photos!

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