First Look: Ryan Murphy’s Halston Netflix Series Starts Production

Ryan Murphy has recreated the legendary lives of everyone from Gianni Versace to Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon on stage, but he is now taking on a legendary character, who’s talent and imagination is only matched by the challenges he faced throughout his career; the legendary 70’s fashion legend Halston. 

A quick tutorial; Halston (previously titled Simply Halston; now, simply, Halston), stars Ewan McGregor as the legendary fashion designer and Studio 54 mainstay, who designed styles that shaped the 70’s disco era and in addition to designing Jackie Kennedy’s hats and being a favorite of celebrities like Lauren Bacall and Elizabeth Taylor, is credited with bringing caftans to the mainstream. Sadly, Halston later lost control of his company in the 1980’s, made a pivotal deal with JCPenney to sell his designs to the masses, and sadly died of AIDS-related complications at 57 in 1990.

The remaining cast not only is an all-star roster of Hollywood new and notable names, but it features some of the most prominent and titular characters in the world of the Indiana-born fashion designer. McGregor is joined in the cast by Rory Culkin as Joel Schumacher, Rebecca Davan as Elsa Peretti, David Pittu as Joe Eula, Krysta Rodriguez as Liza Minelli, Sullivan Jones as Ed Austin and Gian Franco Rodriguez as Victor Hugo.

In an interview with Time Magazine last year, Murphy revealed that in addition to the Halson project, he has a number of projects in the pipeline:  The Prom a film featuring Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman (The story is an adaptation of a Broadway musical set in Indiana). A Chorus Line, a 10-part miniseries inspired by the Broadway smash that premiered in 1975. Ratched, a series telling the origin story of Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over’s the Cuckoo’s Nest (Sarah Paulson will portray the lead character). The Boys in the Band, a film starring Jim Parsons and Zachary Quinto. Originally a 1968 play, The Boys in the Band, broke ground as a story centered on gay characters. It was adapted as a film in 1970, and Murphy co-produced a Broadway revival in 2018. Hollywood, an original series starring Patti LuPone. A 10-part documentary based on the life and career of artist Andy Warhol.

“Halston” is scheduled to premiere in 2021 on Netflix


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