First Look: ‘The Last Straight Man’ Trailer Debut

Depending on your preference, a title like The Last Straight Man might evoke equal thoughts of fantasy and horror. In actuality, writer/director Mark Bessenger’s gives us a bit of dramedy in his upcoming festival flick, which explores the friendship between closeted Lewis (Mark Cirillo) and his straight best friend, Cooper (Scott Sell), over a 12-year period.


The catch? A drunken bachelor party years earlier led to the two friends waking up in bed with one another, and now the meet up in the same hotel suite on the same night every year to catch up on their lives…and further explore their sexuality.

Take an exclusive look at the film’s trailer below, and then let us know if you’ll be putting The Last Straight Man on your upcoming summer film fest card?!



5 thoughts on “First Look: ‘The Last Straight Man’ Trailer Debut”

  1. I will check it out! At least

    I will check it out! At least the acting doesn't look atrocious, like so many gay films I have seen lately! laugh

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  3. LOVING the idea, and I cannot

    LOVING the idea, and I cannot wait to get a look at this one! There just aren't enough movies that do a great job..or ANY job, for that matter – of exploring 'sexual fluidity'!


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