First Male NFL Cheerleaders Take To The Field. Will They Face Criticism Or Will They Help The Sport Advance?

Back in March, we shared the awesome story of men breaking into the realm of NFL cheerleading (These Guys Are Here To Bring It On For The LA Rams Cheer Team!). Napoleon Jinnies and Quinton Peron (pictured above) auditioned for the Rams cheer team and were among 76 finalists. Both California natives, Jinnies and Peron are classically-trained dancers and have a repertoire of performance experience.

Others are picking up on the success of these two men and one more as Football preseason begins.

Brace yourself for yet another onslaught of Hot Takes from the right about the death of masculinity: For the first time in history, two major NFL teams will have male cheerleaders dancing alongside women. This fall, Quinton Peron and Napoleon Jinnies will join the Los Angeles Rams, and Jesse Hernandez joins the New Orleans Saints (with the encouragement, he says, of his mother). –

These men are not your muscle-bound stunt cheerleaders that lift girls and yell at the crowd. These men will be alongside the busty women in skirts as they strut, doing their own struts, cheers,and supporting their team.

Unsurprisingly, there has been a significant backlash to the hiring of the men from overwhelmingly male fans of the NFL. Alongside the obvious comments such as: “two dudes do not belong on a cheerleader squad,” one commenter went to the extreme of saying “This is so messed up, nobody wants to see this, it’s just disgusting and will continue hurt the NFL.”

Another added: “Let the them dig their own graves. I hope there isn’t an NFL in the future the way this is going.” There were also warnings issued about the reaction the men can expect from fans: “They’d better be ready for the taunting they’re gonna get.” –

With these men cheering, you know that I will finally be watching the cheerleaders.  I often forget they are there during the games, until they fill the commercial breaks with their routines or do their half-time show.

But how will these men fair while cheerleading?  Will their presence actually be a good thing when it comes to pay and treatment of the women on their squads?  The NFL has received some unwanted attention recently when it comes to the treatment, sexualization, and pay of cheerleaders. 

Earlier this year, allegations of exploitation emerged against the Washington Redskins, a team already embroiled in dispute over the ethnic slur in its name. Performers accused the team of forcing them to expose themselves to the team’s wealthy investors, and to act as escorts for them.

What’s more: Among cheerleaders, reports of eating disorders are widespread. There is no union for performers. –

We do whish the guys the best!  We'll be cheering right along side you, not for your team, but for you!



Here's the report that aired on ABC back in March of this year.



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