First Same-Sex Weddings Take Place in Australia

After Australia's recent victory for the LGBT community in making same-sex marriages legally permissible, the first couple tied the knot this weekend. Lauren Price, 31, and Amy Laker, 29, got married in Syndey without having to wait the 30-day period necessary for couples to start exchanging vows. According to the couple was married, both in white gowns, after 18 months of planning that became a history-making moment for the people of Australia.

Equal Marriage Rights Australia was thrilled to announce the union of the two women as soon as it occured:



The couple was given a special dispensation for the waiting period because their families were traveling from Wales to attend what was originally scheduled to be a commitment ceremony.

Meanwhile, in Melbourne, Amy McDonald, 36, and Elise McDonald, 28, were granted permission to bypass the waiting period due to their families flying in from overseas. The couple married in Melbourne's Carlton Gardens.

Other couples are set to marry this week as permissions have been granted due to serious health issues that they each face.

The first weddings in Australia are set to be performed on January 9, 2018 once the 30-day waiting period is officially lifted.

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