First Video Of Tom Hardy’s Bare Buns From Taboo, Talks Gay Character

Tom Hardy keeps us happy.  Is that so wrong?  Not at all.

We've learned that he desires to go commando or at least he should be for his period piece when we posted Tom Hardy Talks Going Full-Frontal Nude For BBC Drama 'Taboo' and we even saw some of the action in Tom Hardy Goes Full Frontal, Uncensored.

But there's nothing like video, right?  Our friends over at have moving pictures of Tom in his new show 'Taboo.'  It's not the full frontal we're jonesin for, but it is he hot tattooed man flesh moving about. Oh how he taunts us while on all fours and bending over that table.  I need a shower.

So we seem him in some compromising positions, but will we see someone else compromising him in the show? From and FX we read:


And his character's GAY? Here's what Tom Hardy had to say about the confusing sexuality of Delaney during an interview with the New York Post:

Delaney doesn’t seem to invite the attentions of the opposite sex, although they are certainly on offer. Is he not into having company?

Hardy: He can’t feel anything. He’s not trying to meet anyone. If there was a romance, how do you deal with someone who’s really damaged or sexualize him when somebody has been through the things he’s been through?

When Delaney meets with the staff of the East India Company, he recognizes one of the men, who turns out to be a former intimate boarding schoolmate. Where does their reunion take place?

Hardy: In a molly-house. It’s a drag place where Godfrey (Edward Hogg) is dressed as a woman. Of all the people he meets, Godfrey and James would seem to be the hot item.


I want to show you the pics here, but they are originally from the site and they might sue us, so we'll let house them.  Hop over there and see Tom all naked in 'Taboo'

As a teaser, here is one from earlier last year.



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