Fischerspooner’s New Album ‘Sir’ Will Quench Your Thirst

Iconic art-pop group Fischerspooner is back with another ultra-sexy, hyper sensual bop that will leave you sweaty and wanting more. The band, which just released their first album in nearly a decade, Sir, is giving us dark and luxurious sounds in Butterscotch Goddam featuring Johnny Magee. The video for the single features sultry men in their underwear that will reach all your senses.

Instinct got in touch with the boys from Fischerspooner and they gave us some insight on their latest album Sir.

Where do you find the inspiration for your highly sensational videos?

Warren:  Different places really, sometimes it’s from a performer we work with – other times it’s pulled from the lyrics.

How much precedence does the LGBTQ agenda take in your work?

Warren: In the past nothing overt – but now in Trump America, it’s crucial for artists to stand up to bigotry in all its forms.



Butterscotch Goddam comes just one month after Fischerspooner’s NSFW video for their single TopBrazil, which dives into the world of anonymous group sex. It’s the perfect dance song that will make you want to reach over to the guy next to you and put your lips on his neck—and then some!

What’s the story behind Top Brazil?

Casey: The thesis of TopBrazil is about the dark side of sexual compulsion and the internet. Specifically it’s about this experience where I was in Rome and I had this amazing hook up with this super hot Roman college student who snuck me into his home while his parents were sleeping and we had this amazing awesome epic incredible illicit night of sex. And the next day I got greedy and thirsty and hungry and I wanted it again, but I wanted the same thing, but different, and with another person. So I went and I hooked up with this guy and his profile name was TopBrazil and it was a nightmare. He was an awful person, weird, the whole experience was terrible. He was mildly degrading and abusive and rude and awkward and I don’t know why I stayed and I don’t know why I went through with it, even when I knew that it was probably not a good idea and so the song is sort of a portrait of this dangerous game you can play with yourself where you continue this pursuit for sexual satisfaction and sometimes it comes crumbling down and can be soul crushing, and actually unravels and diminishes all of the beautiful and amazing experiences you’ve had before. So I was really kind of beating myself up over going through with this terrible experience when I had had this amazing experience the night before and I wished that I had just been satisfied with what was great instead of trying to repeat that performance.

What do you think about the attention Top Brazil is getting?

Warren: We love it, it’s nice to work for years and feel it well received in culture. It’s fun to watch the youtube comment battles that are raging. People are all up in it!



The electroclash band, who released their first album in 2001, is the brain child of classically trained musicians and performers Warren Fischer and Casey Spooner. Fischerspooner has delighted fans with their electro sleazy beats and raunch-esque visuals that reach deep into the psyche and unlock your deepest desires. Their hybrid blend of Depeche Mode, Scissor Sisters, and Studio Killers give them a uniqueness that can only they can manifest. Sir is the comeback listeners have been waiting for and the make-out session that will leave you needing to come up for air.

Where do you find the inspiration for your highly sensational videos? And who, in your opinion, is the Fischerspooner listener?

Warren:  Different places really, sometimes it’s from a performer we work with – other times it’s pulled from the lyrics.

Wow – I have no idea to be honest. I think it’s a range of people interested in different aspects of what we do. Film, photo, fashion, music, performance, politics. Whatever works!

Fischerspooner will kick off their West coast tour in San Francisco on March 14th, heading to Los Angeles on March 15th and then to Orange County (Santa Ana) on March 16th where I plan to attend for some much needed music pulsating through my body. You can grab tickets to their West Coast tour HERE

Sir is out now iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music. Let it consume you today!




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