Five Stars We Want To See On Celebrity Big Brother in the United States

So, I went on a huge rant the other day about how Big Brother 19 and the series as a whole is going down the crapper (link here), however I pulled a massive "Davonne leaving the BB house" last night when Julie Chen made a special announcement that I have been wanting from the show for such a long time.

The show is finally doing a celebrity version this coming winter!  I almost choked on my pizza when she made the announcement, as I think it is a severely fresh step for the show to take after 19 seasons of everyday people playing the game.  The show is massively successful in other countries, including The UK, where they just wrapped up their 20th season of the competition where Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding won.  

There is going to be a ton of speculation over the next couple of months as far as who will be playing, so I want to create a fun list of ten people who I think would make this game incredibly watchable, messy, sexy and overall a great experience that could lead into something big for the show overall in the future.

Before I do that, here are the no no's:

  • No past contestants.  Yes, some of these people have become celebrities for other reasons, but this should strictly be newbies only.  No family members of past Big Brother players either (we have had enough of the Hantz family).
  • Try not to make it all reality show contestants.  It's good to have some in the house, but a small sprinkling will do the trick.  
  • CBB is usually only 30 days long.  This season of BB19 is about 3 times as long.  Let's find a happy medium and do 60 days.

That being said, here are the five celebrities who I would love to see in the game: 

Nyle DiMarco:  He's the only reality show contestant I would want to see in the game, not only because he would be fun to look at on the live feeds 24/7 (see why here), but it would be interesting to see how he plays this game as its completely strategic compared to the ones he played on America's Next Top Model and Dancing With The Stars (both of which he won).  

Alan Cumming: Alan is sort of a jack of all trades when it comes to the entertainment business, and his quirky and funny attitude in real life would make a great transition into the Big Brother house.  It would be fascinating to see who he would align with to get far in the game. 

Aubrey Plaza:  Aubrey, who came out as bisexual last year, delivered one of the funniest lines on RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars last year.  If that is just a tease on how funny this lady really is, I can only imagine how she would be trapped in a house for a long period of time with celebrities and their over-inflated egos.  

Colton Haynes:  The smoking hot actor came out of the closet last year, and I think of all the celebrities I have listed would probably have the best chance to win the game.  Not sure what it is, but I think he would do very well inside the BB house.

Kathy Griffin:  I highly doubt she will be cast as the network would be flooded with complaints, however it would get the show so much notoriety and viewership would skyrocket ahead of time due to her presence.  Kathy appeared in previous seasons of BB as a celebrity guest, so she's familiar with the house and the game itself.  As controversial as she is, she would be a great presence in the game and she would probably be one of those people that would either go home first or win it all.

Who do you want to see inside the Celebrity Big Brother house? 


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