‘Flopping’ for a Good Reason: 5 Actors Who Went Full-Frontal on Film

Pitch Perfect star Adam Devine is the latest male actor to go totally commando in his Netflix movie Game Over, Man, but he is far from the first.  Over the course of the past fifty years or so, several other hunky males bared all in memorable scenes that we still talk about to this day.

Prosthetic or not, fur or no fur, cut or uncut, these guys decided to let loose and "flopped" on camera for reasons that got us going in more ways than one.  Some of them even wound up getting nominated for major awards in the process, so should they have accepted their own "member" of sorts in doing so?

Here are five deliciously hot actors who dropped trou at least once on camera.

Kevin Bacon: Wild Things

Sure, straight guys will remember this movie for the threeway scene between Neve Campbell, Denise Richards and Matt Dillon, but our fellow gay brotherhood will fondly recall Kevin stepping out of the shower while wearing absolutely nothing.  His "wild" thing was definitely one of the best parts of this late 90's flicks. 

Michael Fassbender: Shame

This film, which earned Michael a Golden Globe and BAFTA nomination, is essentially about his character's sexual addiction, which had one memorable scene where his package was on display in a "pendulum" type of motion.  His privates even made its way into award show humor, so whatever he's got going on downstairs must have done something right.

Colin Farrell: A Home at the End of the World

Sure, you can see Colin naked in a much different way (that leaked sex tape from a while back), but he decided to get paid for it this time around in this 2004 indie drama. 

Richard Gere: American Gigolo

Richard is widely known for being one of the first big actors to go naked on film.  He gets naked in one memorable scene (good lord he was gorgeous), and funny enough, he told The Advocate a couple of years back that he accepted the role of a Los Angeles male escort as it had a bunch of gay subtext.  Thanks! 

Ben Affleck: Gone Girl

Although he's been getting a ton of flack for his massive back tattoo recently, no one was complaining when they were shoving a ton of buttery popcorn in their mouth while gazing at Ben's large peen in the hit film Gone Girl.  The scene happens towards the end, as he takes a shower with his mentally disturbed wife, but if what was shown was actually his, then we weren't "disturbed" at all.

Who was your favorite actor to go full-frontal on film? 

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