Florida Gov. Bans LGBTQ Until Parents Approve, Restriction Begins 7/1

Governor Ron DeSantis took his soul down another notch as he signed the controversial Parental Rights in Education Bill. Also called the “Don’t Say Gay” bill by critics — is designed to ban classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity from kindergarten through 3rd grade.

DeSantis (or as I call him Wrong DeathSatan) has received pressure and ridicule from the educated individuals of the state and nation and business like Disney to move away from this stigmatizing bill, but he still clings to his fragile masculinity and fear a gay or transgender person may hit on him or that the LGBT Community is looking to recruit members through education. But alas, the governor does not understand humanity.

Axios shares what the bill breaks down to:

The big picture: The bill, which will go into effect on July 1, led to backlash across the country, including protests among students and educators as well as public opposition from corporate leaders.

  • For higher grade levels, the bill says that instruction should be “age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate” by state academic standards.
  • It also allows parents to sue schools or teachers that engage in these topics.
  • DeSantis and Republicans claim that parents should be the ones to bring up topics of sexual orientation and gender identity with their children, but critics say the bill amounts to censorship.
  • People have also expressed concern that singling out LGBTQ topics in this manner implies that they are inappropriate.


I remember when I was in the 3rd grade, I had a crush on Scott, well, everyone had a crush on Scott.  Red heads were hot in the early 80s as they are now. Also, I was the teacher’s pet, excelled in penmanship and loved singing and so much more that made me very aware that I was not like the other boys in the class. Yes, we all don’t know that yearly, but I knew I was different.  But because of social stigma, I would stay in the closet and question my reason for living for another 16 years until I was somewhat in a good spot to somewhat accept myself and come out at 24. 
So, in looking at:

  • For higher grade levels, the bill says that instruction should be “age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate” by state academic standards.
I guess the 3rd grade was appropriate for me, so I guess it would be allowed as I had those feelings and they should be discussed.
On another point, I was a teacher for 10 years in Maine at the high school level, loved it, but then moved to higher education and that is where I am involved in education and now living in Florida.  When I was teaching in Maine, I had a C and D earning student.  He and his family moved to Florida, but was soon back a year later.  I asked him about the comparison of the educational systems, Maine and Florida.  His paraphrased response, “As you know I was getting Cs and Ds while a student here, but in Florida, I was given As and Bs. I was doing nothing at all and they were just giving me those grades. Here, in Maine I was working to get those Cs and Ds and you know I was working hard. I know I’m not the best student, but I would rather earn those Cs and Ds than just be pushed through learning nothing.”
Does this mean that all Florida schools are like this?  Weak and handing out grades? No, I cannot say that, but I know that Florida does have a long way to go before witch-hunting teachers for mentioning anything to do with LGBTQ at any grade. 
What we would love to so, since over a quarter of the US population is atheist, where is the “Don’t Say God” Bill? Since religion has become a vessel for hate and is a choice whereas being LGBTQ or having parents or siblings that are Queer is not a choice, maybe we should do that first, Wrong DeathSatan, as we all know there is a separation of church and state.
In the wake of the Florida legislation’s support of this “Don’t Say Gay” bill now law, Miami Beach Pride released this statement today:

SourceAs one of the first national Pride celebrations occurring after the passing of the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, in the very state that this law passed through legislature, we at the Miami Beach Pride organization cannot stay silent. We have fought many battles, as individuals and as a united front over decades of our history. When state legislature brings forth a bill as harmful as this, we cannot turn a blind eye to the detrimental effects this sweeping legislation will have on our community’s physical safety, mental health, suicide rates, and ripple effects yet to be seen.


We remain resolute in our responsibility to continue the work of the LGBTQIA+ leaders before us and advocate for the rights of our community’s safety and to protect the simple right of being acknowledged by not removing the word of “gay” from the vernacular of our teachers, children and leaders.

We strongly denounce this bill on the grotesque violation of basic human rights. We will continue to honor and celebrate our LGBTQIA+ community while vocally opposing the many tactics used to attack and silence us. 

In his recent State of the Union address, the President declared, “as I said last year, especially to our younger transgender Americans, I will always have your back as your President, so you can be yourself and reach your God-given potential.” Yet, Florida has passed a bill that dehumanizes our youth, stifles parents, and punishes teachers for providing safe spaces for those that may be struggling. How are they to reach their potential in that environment? This kind of legislation promotes fear and oppression, and we want to be clear that we will continue to fight for protection and equal rights for our community. Our programming is curated with the intention to promote inclusivity, diversity, and education.  We wish to hold our supporters accountable not just in dollars but in action as well to support all human beings.

We hope that you will continue to support your local LGBTQIA+ youth in being able to speak with their authentic voices. We are proud to share that our forthcoming Social Justice Event will consist of a panel of teachers, psychologists, parents, and a Miami Beach Pride Board member to openly discuss the impact of the, “Don’t Say Gay” bill. The word “GAY” will be used freely and with the passion and determination of a resilient community!

Source: Axios

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  1. This is why you have to vote. These idiots are going to also take the House and maybe the Senate back into power this year. Think it’s bad now? VOTE.


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