Florida Man Abandons Child On The Side Of The Road Because He Might Be Gay

So often we hear stories of teenagers or young adults leaving their parents home after coming out, but hearing about a parent coldly abandoning a child by the side of the road is something completely different entirely; but that is recently exactly what just happened in a small Florida town. 

Spectrum News/Bay 9 News reports that Evenaud Julmeus, 30, dropped the boy (under 18 years of age) off in front of the closed Haines City Police Department on Sunday with simply a duffel bag filled with clothes. The boy was given no water, food or money. When police located the boy, “he was upset and crying”, (according to Bay News 9). The boy said his father thought he was gay because he was caught “watching male pornography on his cell phone.”

The man forced his son to get out of the car while it was sitting on a major road, without giving him a way to contact anyone at all, allegedly saying to him simply “the police will find you a new home”. A witness saw the boy left alone and immediately called police. The unidentified boy’s mother had left to look for her son when she learned that Julmeus had left him alone. Julmeus has subsequently been charged with multiple counts of negligent child abuse.

Photo Courtesy of Haines City Police Department

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