Florida Man Arrested For Kidnapping His Instagram Date By Gunpoint

A Florida man is behind bars after he used Instagram to trap a gay man into a dangerous kidnapping.

According to TC Palm, an unidentified victim started talking to a couple of men through social media. Eventually, this victim arranged to meet two men for a sexual encounter worth $50. One of those men was 20-year-old Matthew Evans.

As the victim told police, he met Evans and another man around 11 p.m. on November 18th at the Sebastian River Landing clubhouse near Sebastian Boulevard and 90th Avenue in Vero Beach, Florida.

After meeting up and getting into a car, Evans became hostile and placed the victim into a choke hold while calling him anti-gay slurs. Meanwhile, the other man drove the group away.

Eventually, the group ended up at San Sebastian Park, where a third man was waiting with a handgun, according to a police warrant.

This is when Evans demanded the agreed upon $50 for the sexual encounter. Supposedly, the victim refused and was then punched in the face consecutively by Evans until he blacked out.

When the victim awoke, he as alone in the park with a bloodied face, a broken nose, a caved-in cheekbone, and without his sweatpants, cellphone, and money.

The man walked home for 20 minutes like that before he could call 911.

After investigating and searching, police were able to separately find Matthew Evans and the victim’s pants. The two other assailants are still at large.

Arrest warrants are out for the driver and the man with the gun as Evans remains behind bars without bail.

h/t: TCPalm

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