Florida Man Attacks Doctor Who Made Him Bust

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After A Prostate Exam Was Too Pleasing, A Patient Shot His Male Doctor And Fled The State In Fear

Modern slumber parties have taken a more digital turn. Instead of playing Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board – have you and your friends gathered around on a Friday night and Googled “Florida Man and (your birthdate)”? It’s a Millennial phase, because the possibilities are endless. Trust you’ll get a good laugh out of a quick search, because for one reason or another, Florida continues to provide entertainment from afar. This next story follows a Jacksonville resident who fled the state after he couldn’t handle his emotions upon orgasming during a medical exam.


According to BokDaily, in late August, fifty-six-year-old Milo Johanson shot his male doctor twice in the chest after he peaked to orgasm during a routine prostate exam. Horrifyingly, Johanson, a car salesman, is still on the loose with many believing he has fled the United States in fear of his arrest. Dr. Herald Smith Jr. has since recovered from his wounds and is expected to make a full recovery. Smith Jr. has been giving prostate exams for thirty years and knows orgasms are common – it has nothing to do with a man’s sexuality. Smith Jr. stated:

“[The prostate] is very sensitive so when it is touched and massaged you get an orgasm with almost no effort. [That’s] not very comfortable for most men. I understand that Milo was shocked by what happened to him, an orgasm meant something sexual had taken place between us and he became very aggressive. Ordering me to apologize and say no-homie, I did not even know what that means. Milo needs help.”

Allegedly, Johanson’s younger girlfriend claims he is homophobic, but never thought he would turn to violence. A coworker at his job claims Milo is extremely homophobic and had passively threatened to murder a gay man if he’d ever hit on him.

This story is alleged and if there are any updates to the story we will be adding additional details immediately.

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