Florida Parents Complain After Elementary School Teacher Read A Gay Children’s Book In Class

The cover page of "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Presents A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo" / Image via Chronicle Books LLC

One Florida teacher got in trouble after reading an LGBTQ themed book to a first grade class.


It seems that A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo has become the go to children’s book. Not only are comedians like John Oliver, who created the book to parody another one about the bunny belonging to Mike Pence and his family, using the book to mock politicians. But so too are pro-LGBTQ activists/organizations like Will & Grace creator Max Mutchnik and the Trevor Project who are donating the books to anti-LGBTQ school.

But apparently, not all schools are accepting it, as one teacher just got in trouble for reading the book to his or her class.


According to Florida news source WFTV9, parents in Seminole County were upset when they heard a teacher at Pinecrest Elementary school was reading the book about a gay bunny at the Vice President’s house to first graders.

“I don’t think it’s fair they are not telling the other parents about what they read,” said one grandparent to the news source. “Noah comes home one day and asks us if it’s OK for two male bunnies to get married. I said, ‘By our beliefs, no. But we do not judge nobody.'”

Another parent, who has a gay son, agreed and said, “it’s not something that should be in an elementary school.”

The teacher is under investigation and school administrators are decided on whether to act further or not.

3 thoughts on “Florida Parents Complain After Elementary School Teacher Read A Gay Children’s Book In Class”

  1. It should absolutely be read

    It should absolutely be read to elementary school children! The earlier kids learn about acceptance of one another, the better! Satire or not, it sends a positive message of acceptance and diversity!

  2. Marlon Bundo is a parody on

    Marlon Bundo is a parody on the Karen Pence’s book. It’s not a children’s book, so objections are not out of line, but my guess is the real complaints are not from those who object to satire but those who have no idea it is a satire and object to having their children exposed to anything LGBTQ.

  3. When I was teaching, I would

    When I was teaching, I would read all sorts of books about getting along and acceptance to help build a classroom community. Among the books I read were a biography of Harvey Milk and one on Anne Frank. The other one that could have been controversial was The Sissy Duckling by Harvey Fierstein, which is marveous!

    I give this teacher kudos for opening children up to what's going on and helping them understand the people around them.


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