Florida Revokes Driver Licenses over Same-Sex Marriage License from New York.

One of the most interesting decisions to make when getting married is what will your last names be?  Will they change, will one take the other’s name, or do you choose to hyphenate.   Daniel and Scott Wall-Desousa did not know their decision would lead to them losing their driver licenses. 

Daniel and Scott were legally married in New York and have since changed all federal, professional, and state documents to reflect the hyphenation of their names.  Florida went as far as to issue new driver licenses with the name change present, but also warned that they would expire 7 days from now.  The reason?  Florida does not recognize their same-sex marriage. 

When WFTV first reported on the name change, Scott Wall-Desousa said the clerk was told to not ask questions if the license was issued to a same-sex couple and simply grant the name change.

“It is a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy, and I guess we have been told, ‘Here is the repercussion,’” said Scott Wall-Desousa.

But the couple reports that their new last names are already on federal documents like Social Security cards and other documentation like voter ID cards and their work badges.

If they comply with the request, the couple notes, then their licenses will have a different name than all of the rest of their documents.  – LGBTQNATION.COM

My initial response would be to tell the state to not even use the marriage license as proof of the name change.  If there are federal documents, like the Social Security cards, that show the new names, just use those.  If the state has an issue with that, have them converse with the Social Security Department.  Then again, it is Florida, where it took me 2 months to change my car's tag (license plate) from another state due to clerical issues. 

Good luck boys on your fight!

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