Florida’s DeSantis Goons – All LGBTQ Discussions Stop, Photos Down Now

Couldn’t find a flattering picture of Ron DeSantis (this one from Fox Interview April 2021). It’s Okay to Say Gay Image from Audacy Podcast

The war on the queer community in this country continues. News coming out of Florida concerning the homophobic Don’t Say Gay law is much worse than we thought. It always is. NBC News reported that,

“Legislators who support the measure — which Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican, signed in March — have repeatedly stressed that it will apply only to children in kindergarten through third grade and that it is about giving parents more jurisdiction over their young children’s education. They have also contended that it will not prohibit teachers and students from talking about their LGBTQ families or bar classroom discussions about LGBTQ history, including events like the 2016 attack at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando.”


Time and time again, the GOP lies right to our face and then gaslights us saying we are overreacting. Enough is fucking enough. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discussed this at length on The Young Turks

“This is exactly what the Republican, right-wing, religious zealots in Texas said wasn’t going to happen. The ‘Dont Say Gay’ bill just means we are going to prevent educators from talking about inappropriate sex education with really young students like elementary school kids. They knew these conversations weren’t taking place.”




“What we did know is that they were going to use this legislation to censor educators who happen to be gay, censor discussions from students who might identify as being gay…and create an environment that is incredibly hostile.”


“They hate gay people. If you are any part of the LGBTQ community, they hate you. If you are gay and voting for Republicans you have betrayed your own community, you’re a monster, you’re also an idiot. You’re rich you think they are not going to bother me. No, they hate you.”

Caitlyn Jenner, we are looking right at you! It is Independence Day 2022, and queer people in this country are still being treated like second-class citizens. I am celebrating shit today. When EVERYONE in this country has equal rights then we can bring Independence Day. Finally, echoing all of our thoughts, 

“I would never trust a Republican with my kids.”

You can watch the entire episode of The Young Turks here. Better go get your armor on queers, we need everyone on the front lines in the war for equal rights.

Sources: NBC News, YouTube

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  1. Where’s the ACLU in this matter. Clearly the intent and his policy is to sensor sexuality which violates first amendment liberties to express oneself, period!


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