Football Player Zander Murray Shares a Fan’s Coming Out Message

Football player Zander Murray recently came out as gay, and he received not only a lot of support from people, but also heartfelt messages, such as a moving DM from his fan whom he inspired to come out.


The Gala Fairydean Rovers striker shared the moving fan message on Twitter, which read:

“Hi Zander, hope [you’re] doing okay. I just wanted to tell you that you’ve been a massive inspiration for me to come out to teammates and family. As a young footballer I find it difficult to be myself as it is but being gay and keeping it secret was so challenging. It felt amazing when I told my teammates, they were super supportive.”

Meanwhile, Murray captioned his tweet writing,

“Makes it all worthwhile young man.”


Since Justin Fashanu with Airdrie and Hearts in the mid-1990s, Murray is the first openly gay player in the men’s professional ranks in Scotland. In a recent interview with Lorraine Kelly’s ‘Lorraine’ morning show, the Scottish footballer shared how Tom Daley’s congratulations message after coming out made him tear up.

“He [Tom Daley] is an absolute icon like yourself. He messaged me while I was on my way back from football training in a car with four boys.

I had tears in my eyes seeing his direct message, and I messaged him back. I went ‘look I am in a car on the way back from football with four boys and I’ve got tears in my eyes and I don’t even care,'” Murray expressed.



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