For These LGBTQ+ Migrants, Loving Who They Choose is Part of the Journey

Earlier this month we learned of a migrant caravan that arrived in Tijuana, B.C., Mexico that was comprised of LGBTQ+ individuals. The group of almost 80 people was received by crowds of angry residents who did not welcome them to stay in an Airbnb that was being rented for them by a group of American attorneys. The LGBTQ+ caravan included folks who had broken off from the main caravan because they were experiencing discrimination from others headed toward the U.S. border seeking asylum.


Most asylum seekers are fleeing countries where their lives are in danger and there are lack of opportunities. For the LGBTQ+ migrants, the stakes are possibly higher as they are also persecuted for their identities.

While awaiting the asylum process, this community of people from various parts of Central America has built a strong bond with one another. Last week, at least seven LGBTQ+ couples moved forward with a mass-wedding celebration in Tijuana according to NBC News. For them, it was a dream come true to be able to declare love for another person without fear of persecution in their own home country.


Even though the process for asylum could take months, these unions are a huge step in the affirmation of rights that these migrants are seeking.

h/t: NBC News, The Telegraph

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