Forget The Headphone Jack ‘Issue,’ Apple To Bring Super Mario And Star Trek To iPhone?

I could care less about the phone jack disappearing from the iPhone.  It had to go to make the phone thinner, apparently, but there will be a cord with a jack and a thingy and ear buds, so there's a way around it.  But what I am more excited about with the iPhone these days are two new things that may and will happen, LCARS and MARIO!

Most of us trekkies remember Majel Barrett for two reasons. The lovely actress and wife of Gene Roddenberry not only played Lwaxana Troi, Deanna Troi's mother and luster of Jean-Luc Picard, but she also was the voice of the fictional Library Computer Access and Retrieval System (LCARS).  For those of us that have swapped over our Siri to sound like an Australian male, we may have another option. 

According to a tweet posted to the @Roddenberry Twitter account, before she had passed in 2008, Majel’s voice had been recorded phonetically. That allows the producers of future series and movies, like the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery, to re-assemble those individual syllables to say anything in the actress’ voice. Majel might be no longer with us, but she’ll live on through the fictional Star Trek LCARS operating system.

In addition to the new series, it seems like the Star Trek producers are also interested in putting Majel’s voice on your smartphone. At the moment, getting a custom voice for Siri onto your iPhone requires you to jump through some less-than-Apple-approved hoops. But one day the company could allow for third-party voices, downloadable through the iTunes App Store, the same way it has done with keyboards. Once that happens, why would you want anything other than the voice of the Enterprise’s computer answering you? –

I am sure I would geek out beyond belief if I could get LCARS on my phone.  I'll give you the money now. So will it happen? As of ow, sources are saying the technology is there and it could be a possibility.  Make it so, Apple.

The other awesome announcement that made this '80s kid go a little bonkers is about Nintendo's pairing up with Apple to bring Mario to the iPhone. 

Geek away America.  Phone jack controversy be gone.  We're 'Super' stoked about Mario. Let's just hope 'Super Mario Run' will be available for my 6 Plus, please?

ABCNEWS.GO.COM elaborates on all the other news from Apple's announcement on Wednesday from San Francisco. The categories ABC reported on were APPLE AIRPODS, IPHONE 7 AND 7 PLUS, CAMERA, PRICING AND STORAGE, iOS 10, APPLE WATCH SERIES 2, POKEMON GO, NEW MARIO GAME, APPLE PAY, and IWORK IN REAL TIME

Of course the big question is, will you go for the 7 or will you wait for the 10th anniversary iPhone 8?

Would you pay for Mario?  Majel Barrett's voice?   Both?

What do you think?