Former California Clerk Accused Of Secretly Recording Policemen In the Bathroom

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A former police clerk from Long Beach, California is going to court for allegedly recording 69 male coworkers in the bathroom without their knowledge.

According to CBS Los Angeles, 28-year-old Sergio Nieto is under investigation after being accused of filming men using the second-floor bathroom of the Long Beach Police Department headquarters.

Nieto allegedly committed the crime over several months. He did it by recording men with a cellphone while he was also in the bathroom.

It’s also important to note the irony in Nieto’s former job. Part of his former clerical work included reviewing accidentally recorded body camera footage of male officers in the bathroom. Clerks have to actively monitor that footage to ensure that there is no value as evidence in the recording.

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Nieto is now facing 115 misdemeanor counts of invasion of privacy. He was first arrested on June 29 of last year, but he’d apparently been filming since March 21. As for why the story is trending now, it’s because the authorities have only now gotten a better idea of the extent to Nieto’s crimes.

A solid 69 men have been identified and agree to be a part of the court battle. This includes, according to The Long Beach Post, some of the police department’s top officers.

That said, there are still some recorded victims, outside of the 69, who have not been identified. And, some male victims chose not to be a part of the court case. It seems Nieto’s offenses were extensive.

Sergio Nieto is currently free on $25,000 bail.

h/t: CBS Los Angeles, Long Beach Post

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