Former Gang Member Takes Trans Prison Mate For A Walk Down The Aisle

I grew up with a grandmother who used a lot of southern expressions. One of my favorites was, “For every rag, there’s a tag.” That phrase pretty much summed up Gramps’ notion that in this big and crazy world, there is someone out there for everyone, and through a higher power, sometimes those two people will find each other in this life and be together despite circumstances. 

The story of Adriel and Monae Alvarado exemplifies my Grandma’s words perfectly. The two former prison inmates fell in love and began an unlikely open romance, while they were both incarcerated in a Pennsylvania prison.

In a story recently posted by, Adriel and Monae shared the story of how they met while locked up. Monae had already started hormone replacement therapy prior to going to jail but had not underdone the surgery. 

It what seems to be a cruel and insensitive rule; prison policy was to incarcerate pre-surgery transgender people based on their gender at birth. As Monae exudes features of a cis female, this rule made her particularly vulnerable to assaults; sexual and otherwise, by fellow inmates.

Adrie and Monae share how they met @

Former gang leader and heavily tattooed Adriel shared with Metro how he first noticed Monae, 29, while working in the prison laundry room. 

Metro reports, 

The pair locked eyes and instantly felt a connection. It didn’t take long for the two to start dating officially, meeting in the library, gym, or for movie nights to be together. In the early days of their relationship, it wasn’t just finding ways to meet up that was a struggle, they also faced hostility from fellow inmates and prison staff alike.

As I watched the video of Adriel and Monae, I was moved by their story. Adriel bravely expressed the rejection from family, and there was also violence to endure from gang members who jumped him because he was open about his love of a trans woman. 

I would be remiss to say that I find Adriel and Monae to be a beautiful young couple. Seriously, Monae looks like the Disney Illustration of Pocahontas, and Adriel – tall and strapping, reminds of that hot but naughty tattoed loverboy who you know means trouble, but you can’t stay away. I honestly think they could probably settle down anywhere in America, and nobody would know of their past, one way or the other. Maybe at most, their body ink might make someone wonder if they are artsy hipster types. Monae’s previous rap sheet for burglary and Adriel’s third-degree murder charge would not be obvious public assumptions in my opinion.

I don’t know what the future holds for these two, but in my mind, they rise above the difficulties they will face and shine despite all obstacles. One of the bravest acts in the equation is the very fact that Adriel is exuding the true definition of a “man” by making the public declaration for who he openly chooses to love; that person happens to be a trans woman.

As Adriel further shared with Metro,

‘I saw Monae at her lowest, Monae saw me at my lowest. I saw her at her happiest, she’s seen me at my happiest.’ Monae added: ‘We had that unique bond in prison, so I guess what makes us stronger.’

Join me in wishing this young couple well and see their video at

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