Former Gay Model/Actor Ronnie Kroell Is Running For US President

Ronnie Kroell in Season 5 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” / Screenshot

We have a second openly gay man running for U.S. President.

Recently, Ronnie Kroell announced that he would be running as an independent candidate in the U.S. 2020 Presidential election. Kroell made his official announcement on February 12 while at the Pump gay club in West Hollywood.


Speaking to Towleroad, Kroell explained why he’s running:

“My wanting to be president is rooted in a passion for the people, a desire to remind ourselves that the power belongs to US, and a deep inner calling that I cannot ignore that wants me to find a way to help heal our Nation’s wounds,” Kroell told Towleroad at the event.

“I would argue that the most important challenge we must face is bringing love and logic back to our conversations. It’s time to listen to one another, not to respond, but to understand,” he explained further.


But as many have already noted, Kroell has some revealing photos from his past. Kroell has been connected to roles on projects like the raunchy Eating Out 4: Drama Camp, Season 5 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and Bravo’s Make Me A Supermodel. And let’s not forget his revealing work as a model.

Most of this work can be explained through the fact that Ronnie Kroell was an openly gay model working in gay-centric spaces. Let’s be honest, this is the kind of content gay-focused companies put out. We, as gay consumers, can’t shame Kroell for work we all indulge in.


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But, is Kroell, who’s never held a political position before, a serious presidential candidate? Well, besides working in New York and LA as a model/actor, Kroell has also worked for community and political advocacy.

After moving to LA from NYC in 2012, Kroell launched “The New F-Word – Giving Bullying The Bird,” a campaign that aimed to encourage friendship and prevent bystanders to bullying. Kroell, and his friends/colleagues, even visited schools, businesses, and organizations to talk about bullying and suicide. The group committed to a 921 mile walk while visiting these establishments.

On top of that, Ronnie Kroell is working on a “People’s PAC” with a diverse group of friends to represent the people on several political issues.

But in what is shaping out to be a crowded Presidential election, will Kroell be able to get the everyday American to recognize his efforts? Especially with his model past?


Kroell has some challenging times ahead of him, but it’s fair to say that he’s earnest in his pursuit of political change. Ambitious, but earnest.

If you’d like to learn more about Ronnie Kroell, you can head over to his campaign website here.


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