Former Glee Star Kevin McHale Shared A Picture Of Him And His Boyfriend Cuddling In Bed

Former Glee star Kevin McHale posted an adorable picture of himself and his boyfriend on Instagram.


Last month, Glee fans and people of the internet swarmed McHale’s Instagram account after he shared a picture of himself holding what looked like another man’s hand. Many celebrated this subtle and progressive way of coming out and wished McHale and his newly announced boyfriend the best of luck and love.

And now, McHale is confirming the identity of said boyfriend in a recent Instagram post.

Many believed that the mysterious hand belonged to fellow actor Austin McKenzie, because the original picture contained a single emoji. That emoji was the ASL hand gesture for “I love you.”

Due to the fact that McKenzie is best known for the role of Melchior Gabor in Deaf West’s Broadway revival of Spring Awakening, McKenzie was a strong guess.




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Now, it seems that the guess was correct. The latest Instagram picture from the former Glee star shows McHale lying down with a sleeping boy snuggled up next to him. While the boy remains untagged, many are certain from the boy’s side profile that it is McKenzie.


It would make sense as not only have to two been popping up in each other’s Instagram accounts, but they also co-starred on Dustin Lance Black’s “Until We Rise.”

Now with tv cameras turned away from them long enough to build a relationship alone, they’re turning the cameras back on and letting the world know about their love. And, we’re happy to see it.

Congratulations, guys!

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  1. Wow.  This just confirms that

    Wow.  This just confirms that social media is a source of non-news that gets picked up by "news" outlets.  Who TF cares??  The guy wasn't "out" when his peers like Ryan Murphy and Chris Colfer were when "Glee" was on in millions of households every week, but now that his career has cooled, his publicist tells him, "Yeah, we better go with the hand photo, cuz, you know, maybe it'll drum up some press."  And the world yawns.  And shame on "Glee" for not hiring a real person who is paraplegic to play the role of someone who is paraplegic.  That's the differently-abled equivalent of blackface makeup or white actors taping back the ends of their eyes (like Mickey Rooney) to "look Asian".  Being closeted when you're at best semi-famous and then coming out later when your career needs a press boost is very cowardly. 

    • “And shame on “Glee” for not

      “And shame on "Glee" for not hiring a real person who is paraplegic to play the role of someone who is paraplegic.“ 


      As opposed to them hiring a fake person to play the role? You do understand what acting is right? How do your strict guidelines for casting apply to characters who don’t start out paraplegic but become paraplegic in a future storyline? Does the actor portraying the role get fired and replaced by an actor that is paraplegic? Also does the actor have to be paraplegic or will any injury that prevents the actor from mobility without the aid of a wheelchair be sufficient? Do these strict guidelines apply to characters who at the time of their first on screen appearance have broken bones too? Since anyone regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion & socioeconomic  background can potentially become paraplegic & since a person’s race is fixed it’s not  really the equivalent of a white actor donning blackface or Mickey Rooney’s absurd stereotype-laden portrayal of an Asian man in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

      Lastly I’m thrilled you live in a reality where coming out of the closet no longer has any risk of repercussion & that being homosexual in a predominantly heterosexual society can no longer have any negative impact on your career goals  & that your safety is guaranteed, unfortunately not everyone lives in that reality with you which is why coming out still remains a personal decision that shouldn't be judged by a complete stranger that hasn't lived the other’s life.

      If I may, I’d like to offer you a suggestion that could greatly benefit you as well as those you interact with not only online but also in your life outside the digital world. Try putting yourself in someone else’s shoes before you judge them.

    • Wow is right. Why do you even

      Wow is right. Why do you even go to news outlets like Instinct & Queerty?  You know the kind of news they serve.  Personally, I like it.  What's with all the hate!  People come out when they feel they can and need to. 

  2. It’s like a cat and mouse

    It's like a cat and mouse game…am I. .or am I not..sending tidbits offence but who cares. ..great to come out..

  3. I’ve been following their

    I've been following their relationship for a while now, and I just wanted to say that of all the different queer blogs posting about this, yours is still the most professional and succinct of them all. Cheers. 


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