Former Grindr Employee Says HR Supervisor Drugged & Raped Him

Daniel Cabanero, the Human Resources Supervisor for Grindr, is being sued for drugging and raping a former employee.

TMZ. who broke the story, said employee who’s choosing to remain anonymous, claims that Cabanero drugged him at the company’s 2016 Xmas party. Then, Cabanero put John Doe, as he’s being referred to, in a car, took him to a hotel room, and anally raped him.

John Doe claims that he woke up in the middle of the sexual act and then lost consciousness again. When he awoke, he went to the E.R. where he says he was “subjected to a highly invasive and humiliating rape examination.”

TMZ then reports that John Doe went to the authorities who are still in the middle of the investigation.

John Doe also partially blames other Grindr workers who knew he was impaired and didn’t protect him. Plus, he says the company encouraged sexually explicit language and misconduct.

When TMZ reached out to Grindr, they didn’t send word back.

Keep in mid however that the story is still too new. There is no evidence or proof to verify the story yet.

Instinct Magazine will keep looking for more information concerning this topic and will keep you up-to-date with any new discoveries.

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