Former NFL Player Arrested Charged With Domestic Battery Against Son

A former Indianapolis Colt offensive lineman Joseph Staysniak has been arrested and charged with multiple crimes involving his son and his son’s boyfriend. The Talk Radio show host, 56, is charged with two counts of battery and one of strangulation.


This crime shocks me to my very core. A professional football player is accused of beating the shit out of his son and his boyfriend?!?  Usually, they just beat the shit out of their wives! This is something completely new! Wow, what a story. I am having a hard time believing this to be true. #sarcasm

The violent incident occurred around midnight on Monday, when the 6’5″ WIBC radio personality allegedly punched his son, choked his son’s boyfriend, and threatened them with a gun. According to NBC News, “According to the probable cause affidavit, Staysniak’s son told authorities that a neighbor saw him sitting in a car in front of the property with his boyfriend. Joe Staysniak then approached, opened the rear passenger door and “grabbed [the boyfriend’s] hood and was choking him.” As the incident escalated,

“The son reported that his father displayed a firearm and told him and the boyfriend “that they’re lucky he saw who it was,” the affidavit said. The boyfriend in the vehicle said Joe Staysniak “flashed a gun” and “had it against the side of his face.”


Staysniak was released on his own recognizance. A jury trial is scheduled for April 25th with the pretrial conference happening on April 10th. Instinct magazine will continue to follow this story as it develops.








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Sources: NBC News

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