Former Owner of LGBTQ Website Fridae Convicted Of Drug Trafficking

Singaporean resident Stuart Koe Chi Yeow is the founder of the LGBTQ news and social networking site And, Koe has recently been convicted of drug trafficking, according to the Straits Times.


Earlier today in Singapore, Distinct Judge Olivia Low found the former website owner guilty of selling a pack of methamphetamine to beauty guru Yeoh Kim Koon. The actual sale happened in August of last year in Koe’s home.

But, this isn’t the only offense against Koe, as he has five other drug-related charges against him. Each one will be dealt with by the court in the future.

The current charge that he’s now convicted of started when Koe was arrested back in September of last year.

Yeoh Kim Koon, who’s also been arrested and charged with drug possession, testified against Koe and said that Koe had sold him drugs multiple times before. Yeoh, who was also Koe’s former lover, said he paid what equates to $240 for the meth and $300 for 100ml of a drug called “G.”


Yeoh also mentioned that the two would use the code words “cream” to reference meth, and “G water” to reference another drug called gamma hydroxybutyric acid.

Stuart Koe Chi Yeow denied these claims by saying he only sold the beauty guru numbing cream and hair-growth lotion called Growell. To back this up, Koe’s defense also mentioned that he has a second job as the managing director of a local pharmaceutical firm called ICM that manufactures these products.


That said, he later admitted, while being cross-examined, that he knew that the two code words were often used to reference drugs.

Again, Koe was officially found guilty earlier today in Singapore. He has been offered a bail of $45,000 and will be sentenced on March 14.

He is expected to get somewhere between five to 20 years in prison. Plus, Singapore has an additional punishment for most drug traffickers of five to 15 cane strikes.

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  1. It’s Singapore so no

    It's Singapore so no surprises here. They are backward and conservative on gay and drug issues.

  2. Hi I would like to correct

    Hi I would like to correct your article title. Stuart Koe does not own Fridae and has not done so for some years. A more accurate title should read "Former Owner of LGBTQ Website Fridae Convicted Of Drug Trafficking"



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