Former TV Reporter Alleges Kevin Spacey Sexually Assaulted Her Son Last Year

Even before the Kevin Spacey allegations began two weeks ago, there was one particular reporter who shared a major tweet during the midst of the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault allegations.  This came from Heather Unruh, who was a former television reporter in the Boston area. 

The tweet read as follows:  "The #weinsteinscandal has emboldened me– #truth time. I was a Kevin Spacey fan until he assaulted a loved one. Time the dominoes fell."  The tweet got major attention, and got people talking, but it was Anthony Rapp's alleged story about how Kevin made unwanted sexual advances on him when he was only 14 that busted this door down for the fallen House of Cards actor.

Now, Heather has come forward to discuss her story, which the loved one in this situation happened to be her son.  Today, she made public remarks saying that her son was sexually assaulted by Spacey in July 2016 when he was 18 years old.

“I’m here not as a journalist,” she said, “but as a mom.”  She discusses an incident that happened between Kevin and her star-struck son when he was 18.  They were both on Nantucket Island, and Kevin kept allegedly giving drinks to the underage man, where at some point he “stuck his hand inside my son’s pants and grabbed his genitals.”  She then claims Kevin went to the bathroom, and her son ran out of the bar.  



Notice that there is a major span between Anthony's story, which happened in 2016, and Heather's claims, which were just last year.  Not only that, but Richard Dreyfuss' son Harry also came forward with his own alleged story that happened when he was 18, which would've happened in 2008.  If all of these stories are true, that means Kevin has been doing these sorts of things for over thirty years.  



Since her telling her side of the story, she has been somewhat active on her Twitter, and denounced a user for saying that her son didn't stand up for himself.

What do you think of Heather's story, do you think her claims are true?


4 thoughts on “Former TV Reporter Alleges Kevin Spacey Sexually Assaulted Her Son Last Year”

  1. Where is the outrage and high

    Where is the outrage and high and mighty sense of legalities and morals for the son lying and drinking underage? The bar could've lost its license and Spacey could've been arrested all for something illegal your son did. SHAME ON YOU honey for not raising him better. It keeps saying FORMER newscaster. I guess the moneys gettin low.

    • Spacey kept ‘giving’ drinks

      Spacey kept 'giving' drinks to te the kid. So Spacey was the the buying drinks for an underaged. Spacey was the one doing wrong. Where does it say the kid lied? 

      Just one borderline pedo frm the gay scene, God knows we all know your type, covering for a definite one.

      • the mom says the son told

        the mom says the son told Spacey he was 21. HE ONLY ESCAPED WHEN SPACEY WENT TO THE RESTROOM? I must have missed the part where he was held at gunpoint. These Victims have agendas.You could be accused of something today and lose everything. No proof. But everyone today is guilty til proven innocent.

  2. Heather Unruh’s┬áreputation in

    Heather Unruh's reputation in Boston journalism is fair, balanced, and upbeat. This whole episode must be torture for her, and even more so for her son.


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