Four New Madonna Songs Will Be Released Before “Madame X” Drops; Find Out Which Ones…

Madonna may be currently rocketing up the charts with her Colombian influenced and Maluma assisted “Medellin” (premiering last week), she is taking a page from some of her current pop compatriots and dropping new music off of her much anticipated Madame X in a very interesting way.


On May 3rd, Madonna will drop the single “I Rise”, while a week later on May 10th we will receive “Crave” a collaboration with American rapper/singer/songwriter Swae Lee. On May 17th, “Future” will be revealed, which is another collaboration, this one with Quvao, another American singer/songwriter who is also a member of the hip/hop trap trio Migos. Finally on June 7, 2019 we get a peek at “Dark Ballet”, which will be the final track before “Madame X” is released in it’s entirety on June 14th.

Remixes for Madame X’s earlier tracks will without doubt, start pouring in just in time for the kick off of the summer beach/pool/tea dance season. Already, one particular remix for “Medellin” is getting a great deal of attention. Brazilian born, Boston based DJ/Remixer Ranny has put his patented magical touch onto “Medellin”, sprinkling it with a Latin percussion style beat, making it the perfect version of the track to kick off the season to. You can grab it here for a very limited time:



A possible theory circulating is that for every incarnation of Madame X, we may be getting a different musical style (and hopefully different remixes by some uber talented remixers) on each single.”Lisbon is where my record was born,” Madonna said in a statement, which also announced the album’s June 14 release date. “I found my tribe there and a magical world of incredible musicians that reinforced my belief that music across the world is truly all connected and is the soul of the universe. According to Madonna herself, Madame X is “a secret agent, the kind that travels extensively around the world. She is changing identities and bringing light to dark places”.

Let’s hope one of those “dark places” are dance floors all over the world this summer!

(Art Courtesy of Interscope)

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