Fran Drescher is Open to Doing a Reboot of ‘The Nanny!’

The Nanny was easily one of the funniest sitcoms of the 90's, thanks in part to the incredibly talented and hilarious Fran Drescher.  It lasted for six years, and became some what of a camp classic for the gay community to enjoy each and every episode.

In a recent interview with Closer Magazine, Fran revealed that she would be open to doing a reboot of The Nanny! 

“As far as a reboot goes, I would be open to it if somebody wanted to do it,” she revealed. “But if nobody wants to do it, then I’m currently trying to develop something else.”

The good news is, Fran is still in touch with much of the cast from the original series almost twenty years since it ended! 

“I am in touch, definitely. Renee Taylor (Sylvia Fine) is a good friend of mine, Charlie [Shaughnessy] (Maxwell Sheffield) is a good friend of mine. Recently I reconnected with Nicholle Tom (Maggie Sheffield), and periodically I speak to everyone, but I’m very good friends with Charlie and Renee, for sure.”

Would she still be with Mr. Sheffield?  Would C.C. and Niles still be shacked up in his room upstairs?  And what would happen as Grandma Yetta (Ann Guilbert) has sadly passed on? And what would the three kids be up to now that they are all grown?

Would you be open to a Nanny reboot? 


What do you think?