France To Be Represented By A Gay, Muslim, Gender Bending Teen In This Year’s Eurovision

France’s Eurovision representative Bilal Hassani / Images via Instagram @iambilalhassini

Eurovision’s getting more LGBTQ representation.

Last year, Ireland blessed us all with a gay love story as their music video submission for the international music competition Eurovision. Now, it looks like France is taking a turn at representing LGBTQ people.

According to the Jerusalem Post, 19-year-old Fraench singer Bilal Hassani will be performing in Israel this May. And, Israel is the next country to host the international song competition because of local singer Netta Barzilai’s victory at last year’s competition in Portugal.

Unfortunately, openly gay singer Hassani says that he has already received death threats for his upcoming appearance on the internationally broadcast song contest. That said, he is staying strong and committing to his upcoming visit. In fact, he’s excited about it!

"I can’t wait, I heard the life is really exciting over there in Tel Aviv. I can’t wait to see the sun and I can’t wait to visit,” he told Israel’s Channel 12.

The Tel Aviv municipality then tweeted out to Hassani saying, "When you're coming to Tel Aviv this May, don't forget to visit Jaffa, the hummus there is delicious!"

Fun aside, Hassani is trying to be careful and has filed a police report about the death threats. Hopefully, Hassani will remain safe, and perform well, while visiting Israel.

h/t: The Jerusalem Post

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