France To Change “Mother” and “Father” On School Forms To “Parent 1” And “Parent 2”

French fathers Thibault and Anthony with their son Charlie / Image via Instagram @Gays With Kids

France’s schools have decided to replace the words “mother” and “father” with “Parent 1” and “Parent 2.”


The change is part of an upcoming amendment to a new education bill’s draft, according to the Independent. The bill is primarily focused on ending discrimination against same-sex couples.

“This amendment aims to root in law children’s family diversity in administrative forms submitted in school,” said Valérie Petit, MP for the majority REM party of President Emmanuel Macron.

“To prevent discrimination, school enrollment, class registers, parental authorizations and all other official forms involving children must mention only Parent 1 and Parent 2,” she added.

Despite the amendment being passed by French MPs this past Tuesday (February 12), there’s serious opposition to it. The bill could be rejected by members of the Senate.


Many Twitter users also shared some strong opinions on the bill. Unfortunately, most comments were negative.



h/t: The Independent

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  1. I went to Catholic school in

    I went to Catholic school in the 90s and everything was addressed as “Parent/Guardian”. Like how is this new for France? I thought they were suppose to be more progressive?


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