Franek Walker from Being a Disney Star to Doing Adult Content

Franek Walker went from starring in Disney Channel’s ‘Do dzwonka’, which is the Polish version of ‘As the Bell Rings’, to becoming an OnlyFans creator.

But not only that, he also does collaborative adult content. Aside from posting on OnlyFans, Walker, whose real name is Marcin Turski, also shares steamy content on Instagram, and best believe his photos leave his followers thirsting for more…



Walker starred as Sebastian “Seba” in ‘Do dzwonka’ from 2010 to 2012 for two seasons before the show was canceled. He then moved from acting to modeling after realizing that he “didn’t have the same passion for acting” as his co-stars. 



Thereafter, he started creating sensual content for OnlyFans, and he has since leveled up to collaborating with other content creators to make sexually explicit videos, as per Queerty.


“I really like that on OnlyFans you get a lot of positivity from people – you share your content with people who like you enough to subscribe to you – so the vast majority of feedback you get is super positive – HUGE confidence booster. My followers are amazing – they always motivate me to work hard in the gym and find new ways to create something new,” Walker told Observatorio dos Famosos.

You can check out his OnlyFans page here.


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