Frank Ocean Comes Out of Music Hiatus for Coachella 2023

The time has come upon us—after years of being virtually MIA, ‘Thinkin Bout You’ hitmaker Frank Ocean is finally making a comeback, and on the Coachella stage, no less.

Ocean has been a major pop music influence since his debut album, Channel Orange, which was released in 2012. He dropped “Blonde” in 2016, which instantly became a hit with its incredible songwriting and infectious sounds. Fans, with bated breath, have been waiting to hear more from the singer since then.


Following Blonde, Ocean has released a handful of non-album singles, debuted high-end jewelry brand Homer, and appeared every now and then online and in events. However, he hasn’t dropped a full-length album since 2016 and has not performed live since 2017. The pop innovator was originally scheduled to headline Coachella in 2020, but the festival was cancelled due to the pandemic.


The long wait for Ocean’s return ends this weekend, as it was confirmed he’s to hit the Coachella stage on Sunday, at 10:05 PM.


The anticipation for his comeback was fueled even further by new footage that has surfaced online, where the singer seems to be rehearsing for the festival.

The clip, uploaded on Reddit by user u/onimajipy, was filmed from a neighborhood near the Festival grounds. You can hear a faint singing in the background of what sounds like Nights, a fan favorite from Blonde. The poster also claims Ocean’s rehearsals included “Biking,” “White Ferrari” and “Nikes”.

Frank Rehearsal (Volume up)
by u/onimajipy in FrankOcean


The original poster of the rehearsal clip also claims they also heard Ocean soundchecking some unreleased material. “I drove near the main stage but my phone was dead so I lit up and listened. It sounded like the most immaculate techno club music with Frank Vocals but I was hella far and high so you never know,” they said in the comments.

Fans have been speculating about Ocean dropping some new music to coincide with his headline slot. Just this morning, news broke on the internet that two brand new Frank Ocean songs have been registered on ASCAP.



Regardless of whether there will be new music to be dropped on Sunday not, his performance this weekend is still something to look forward to.

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