Frank Ocean Talks Club Music And Ballroom

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Frank Ocean’s got some new goals for his music.

Frank Ocean is a well-known and respected singer and music producer in the R&B scene. But now, he wants to try his hand at a new genre.

When recently talking to W Magazine, Ocean said that his next set of music after his 2016 project Blonde will be more of an upbeat sound.

“I’ve been interested in club,” said the singer known for his somber sound, “and the many different iterations of nightlife for music and songs. And so the things I look at now have a lot to do with those scenes: Detroit, Chicago, techno, house, French electronic…”

That said, the “Thinkin Bout You” singer shares that he’s not coming out with this genre of music anytime soon. Instead, he’s taking his time to enjoy life and create music at a calm pace.

After being asked if he is going on vacation, Ocean shared that he would love to visit gay hotspot Fire Island.

“I wish. I wish,” he explained. “I was talking to a friend yesterday about Fire Island because I’ve never been. I didn’t realize some of the details on it, like how there are no cars and it’s all walkways, and they paint the side of the walkways in white so you can see at night because there are no lights. And then there’s the Glass House in Connecticut [by Philip Johnson] that I want to go see.”

The magazine then asked Ocean about his thoughts on Ballroom culture due to his sampling legend Crystal LaBeija on his track “Endless.”

“It kind of reminds me of home,” said Ocean said on drag and ballroom. “The music is related. It’s very alive, soulful, unapologetic. There’s a duality to the movement. It’s so physical—it’s tough to do some of those moves—but it also has a theatrical, feminine quality that’s beautiful to see in motion. Crystal LaBeija is about her voice and her reads and her look and just being dead serious and fully engaged with who she was and not backing down. You know, House of LaBeija came to my 30th birthday party in L.A. and shut it down. I did runway.”

Source: W Magazine

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