Frankie Grande Dressed Down To Celebrate His Birthday

Frankie Grande posted some salacious photos to celebrate his birthday.

The singer and Broadway dancer is known for his art, his stints on two seasons of reality show Big Brother, and for his sister Ariana, but now he might be known for these fantastic pics below.

In order to celebrate his birthday yesterday (Thursday, January 24), Frankie Grande decided to offer the gift of giving. And what did he give us? A few delicious nude photos. Artfully done, of course.

Grande started this three part gift by posting two photos on Instagram. He then posted the third and final one on his actual birthday. Each one carried the joke that Grande was deciding which “birthday suit” to wear on the big day.






trying on birthday suits for my birthday… do you like this one? #2daysaway

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still can’t decide which birthday suit to wear… #tomororwismybday

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it’s my birthday. and i love my birthday suit. #happybirthdaytome

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Naturally, several of the photos were riddled with thirsty fans wishing Grande a happy birthday and raving over his body.

“I need my legs to look like yours,” wrote one commenter.


“Thank you posting your self confidence….you ooze with elegance and finesse! Thank you for sharing your birthday with us,” wrote one more.






2008/2018… still perfect. #10yearchallenge

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The last time Frankie Grande was trending was back in November. Grande shared that he was in a throuple with a married couple.

“These are my boyfriends. [We’ve been dating for] almost three months, but in the gay world, it’s like five years.”

When asked for the best thing about one of his new boyfriends, Grande responded with “his d**k” before adding that he’s “very smart.”

9 thoughts on “Frankie Grande Dressed Down To Celebrate His Birthday”

  1. Terrible photography.

    Terrible photography. Terrible physique. Terrible expression. Terrible hair. Terrible ink. Terrible bathing suit. That 'bout sums it up. 

  2. he is  not famous his sister

    he is  not famous his sister is, he must go on his own and earn his own path. dont live off someone else fame. i dont know why this is news. it is not.

    • Why??? @ashke, why be so mean

      Why??? @ashke, why be so mean? Try this instead; “He may not be my cup of tea, but at least he’s using his platform to spread joy, lgbtq activism, and body positivity at any age! Good on him!”. See! Fixed it for ya! 

        • He’s skinny, obvi, but so is

          He’s skinny, obvi, but so is his family. My husband eats whatever the hell he wants and never gains an ounce and I hate him for it, but I’ve since gotten over it. Whatever it is, actual unhealthy people with eating disorders do not have that kind of muscle definition. Either way, body positivity comes in many different shapes and sizes. He’s clearly not afraid to show it off. If you don’t like it, then don’t look. Easy, peasy. 

      • My comment didn’t need fixing

        My comment didn't need fixing it was correct the way it was. The only thing he has been spreading is his legs and I don't know of any activism he's been doing other than anything that will line his own pockets. As far as body positivity—well if cracked out back alley cheap hooker is what you're going for, then more power to you……


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