Freaky Gives Us A Gay, Main Horror Character!

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Vince Vaughn’s Latest Outing Gives Us The Scary Movie Version Of Freak Friday

It wasn’t long ago this particular Instinct Magazine contributor and horror aficionado was telling you how important scary movies are to the gay community – and many of the favorites have been helmed by gay men themselves. Mistakenly left off that list is hunky writer and director, Christopher Landon! Landon’s career may not have sizzled enough to be deemed an iconic status as the aforementioned gays, but his resume is smooth and solid. The married-father of two has brought us a lot of modern horror that will likely go down as favorites as years pass. Landon has written all of the Paranormal Activity sequels, Shia LeBeouf’s hypnotizing Disturbia, the severely underrated and oddly homoerotic, Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, and most recently a Friday-Girls-Night must watch, Happy Death Day and its sequel. Now, Landon is bringing us more comedic horror with his latest film starring Vince Vaughn, Freaky, which parodies the ‘70s body-swapping movie Freaky Friday in the best way possible.


Freaky follows mousy Millie Kessler (portrayed by Big Little Lies star Kathryn Netwon) who is soon-to-be-victim of a serial killer (Vaughn). In a “I wish I could switch places with her for just one day” moment, Vaughn’s magical dagger causes a rift and the two swap bodies. Millie has only one day to reverse the magical spell or she’ll forever be a serial killer on the run. We haven’t had a gender-body swapping film like this since Rob Schneider’s The Hot Chick, and perhaps haven’t had a comedic-horror film in this genre, so this definitely sounds like we’re in for a fun ride!

Even more exciting, the trailer introduces us to Millie’s diverse best friends who are, as one character states, doomed to be the first dead in a horror film. Celeste O’Connor plays Millie’s best “black” friend and newcomer (who identifies as non-binary in real life), Misha Osherovich, takes reign as Millie’s “gay” best friend. Both of the characters are featured heavily in the trailer with Vaughn, leading us to believe these two are about to get a ton of air time as the other students are getting slashed and sliced as they conjure a way to defeat the curse and get their friend back. Finally we’re getting some strong gay characters in horror! After one watch of the trailer, you’re going to fall in love.


Freaky is taking place in the same universe as Happy Death Day, so we may be in store for some surprise cameos – and holding our breath for a Lindsay Lohan cameo, too, right?! Ryan Murphy doesn’t have to be the only gay with a big horror universe, so this is more than welcome with open arms! Freaky is startlingly scheduled to be released in theaters most fittingly on Friday, November 13th – but we’ll make sure to update you if there’s any changes to video-on-demand for a more comfortable viewing for the worrisome.

Don’t forget to check out the trailer for Freaky below!

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