Freedom Marchers Hold Event In Orlando With Two Pulse Survivors and Jesus Christ

Many of us have been formerly straight while others knew from day 1 they were LGBT.   But to be formerly gay?

Two Pulse nightclub shooting survivors were present in Orlando this past Saturday to co-host a rally for formerly gay and transgender Christians. The Freedom Marchers, a group of people who identify as formerly gay or transgender took to the shores of Lake Eola, Orlando. 



The Orlando Sentinel reports that about 100 people attended the Saturday rally organized by Angel Colon and Luis Javier Ruiz. The two started a ministry, Fearless Identity, after the 2016 attack that left 49 dead. They say they are “overcomers” of homosexuality. Also helping to organize the event was the Florida Policy Council, just your local conservative group that opposes gay marriage.

“It changed my life because I had a sense of community.  In a lot of ways, the world and society likes to minimize stories like ours.” says Joshua Perez, an attendee of the event, adding that he didn’t know where were other people like him, people that no longer identified as gay.

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“Just like there were other Pulse survivors that go and share their stories doing things, this is Angel and Luis’ story and it’s not anyone else’s story to tell. It’s their story to tell,” said Jeff McCall, one of the organizers.

So what is the goal of this march?  This showing of a … Dorothy? I don’t know her anymore?  Apparently it is to show that people can change after being “different”, may it be through personal acceptance or the vile practice of conversion therapy.

Some state that their finding their way back to their straight selves was after finding Jesus Christ. 


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