French-Portugese Actor Gabriel Da Costa Appears Nude in Belgian Film “Even Lovers Get the Blues”

34-year-old French-Portugese actor Gabriel Da Costa is known for films like Carmen and A Barefoot Dream. He’s also clearly uninhibited when it comes to nudity. 

In screencaps posted by OMG Blog from a film called Even Lovers Get the Blues, the cute, hairy actor isn’t just naked; he’s clearly enjoying himself.

Even Lovers Get the Blues is from Belgium, and it's a feature film, not porn. It’s *hard* to imagine a scene like this in a Hollywood film, or any film released with a rating by the MPAA. Full-frontal male nudity always demands at least an “R” rating, often NC-17. And films with erections passed by the MPAA are so few and far between you could probably count them on one hand. It's past time that they lightened up. Seriously, what's the big deal with a boner? 

Unsimulated sex, even just masturbation, usually makes headlines when it appears in movies that get a U.S. release. Notable examples include Stranger by the Lake and Shortbus. The Scarlett Johansson horror film Under the Skin featured a couple of surprise erections.

Here’s a sneak peek of Da Costa’s sexy body. This is literally all we can show you here.

Check out all of Gabriel Da Costa (NSFW) at OMG Blog.

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