Friday Five To Follow – New Music For Your Weekend

We at Instinct receive incredible new tracks and new artists weekly. To help give these artists the attention they deserve, each week we’ll share five songs/artists with our readers. They may be a new artist, a new release, or an older one we want to say hey, don’t forget about this one! We will always be heavy handed on LGBTQ+ artists, but on occasion, there will be some great allies included, too. 

1 – Gino Baileau – @ginobaileau – “I’ma Do It”

Untold amounts of sensuality presented by this new gay artist. No doubt what his subject matter is, smooth and jazzy, and good enough to dance to, while getting to other things. He has over 100k followers in the gay community, and you can guess why.  And of course the “IT” he is mentioning does make the lyrics a little NSFW, but we’re okay with that.


You can learn a little more about Gino in a Voyage LA interview where he shares:

As a child, I was deaf until about three years old. When I finally gained hearing, my mother told me that she couldn’t get me to fall asleep at night.

That I’d be up all night string at the television in amazement of the sounds coming from the box. She said one of my favorite songs to sing along to was Ariel’s “Part of your world”. I think we take for granted our senses, and I think we all need to stop and take a breather and be thankful for our ability to sense whatever it is we are allowed.



2 – NORDIK SONAR – @nordiksonar – “Fiction No Science”

Swedish synth pop duo Nordik Sonar are a new act in the Queer Scandinavian community, they are like a modern day Erasure. Not bad on the eyes either. 

From the group’s Facebook page

NORDIK SONAR’s an innovative and imaginative electropop-duo from Stockholm. Our productions bases on rough beats with strong melodies which gives a long dance fever inspired by the greatest of the 80’s. Expect yourself a great amount of epic synth pads, choirs and awesome hooks!

3 – Susie blue – @susieblueofficial – “Daughter”

Instinct covered Susie Blue and Bronagh Gallagher in February of this year as Northern Ireland celebrated Marriage Equality. Susie just released ‘Daughter’ and the video is furthering the cause of the community, and its growing culture in Ireland. 


4 – Nicolas McCoppin –  @nicolasmccoppin –  “Ur Love”

NYC based Nicolas McCoppin is considered a rising figure in the LGBTQ community as the next major pop artist to watch. McCoppin uses his platform and music to encourage others to unapologetically be themselves and creates an accepting electro-pop musical space that many are regarding as the “next Charlie XCX”. 



5 –  Army of Lovers – @armyofloversofficial – “Crucified 2013”

Here’s a forgotten gem from 2013. The Swedish art pop intellectual glam dance band released a remix of their biggest international hit, that went under the radar, which is a crying shame. Alexander being an advocate for the sex worker trade, and a legal advisor to the community in Sweden, they still have all it takes to be fun, and tacky, and with a fantastic beat. 




Pride Music via Instinct

In 2018, Instinct attended LOVELOUD Music Festival in Utah (LOVELOUD 2018 – When In Utah, Let The Rainbow Flag Fly High).  There we had the opportunity to speak with organizers and LGBT artists.  It was a time like no other. Instinct’s Managing Editor was able to ask the final question of the Q&A. The overwhelming answer to his question, “What do you need from us, the media,” was to just help make these artists known.
To help with this cause, we created a new playlist on out Instinct Magazine YouTube page.  If we cover an LGBTQ artist and they have a YouTube video, we’ll share it there. Ever since LOVELOUD, we’ve been inspired to work even harder to promote the creative artists within our LGBTQ community. Only LGBTQ artists will be on this playlist. We love you allies, but we’re saving this for rainbow family members.  The video inserted below brings you to the playlist or feel free to follow this link to Pride Music via Instinct and enjoy!

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