Friday Five to Follow: The Holiday List. Adding A Few More To Consider

“December is that time of year, where memories become souvenirs”

Limahl returns with “One Wish for Christmas”

It’s that time of the year everyone, where Andy William’s singing “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” grinds the gears of your threshold of pain and torture.


To cope with the William’s and other standards, we have our own additional Christmas songs that may be less unknown, but still very cherished.  Some are good, some bad, and some you just need to play to take the edge off, with some serious one-to-one bourbon in your egg-nog. Come on, we all need that this time of year right? Especially this year.

In years past, Instinct has compiled a list of Holiday songs to bring you some cheer or release. A couple of those lists are:

Here’s another compilation of holiday cheer (and jeer) tunes to add to your listening pleasure. 

Number 1 – Limahl – “One Wish For Christmas”


It’s no secret that I love this guy, and have since I heard those wonderful sounds coming from the radio. I covered his release “London for Christmas” last year, and he dollied up this one for us. He loves making Christmas music, and, hey, it’s wonderful, really, it is. Just let that amazing voice take over and pour through your soul, romantic, and feel the love.

Number 2 – Erasure “She Won’t Be Home”

The gay Icon synth duo from the ’80s, finished out the decade in 1989 with the EP “Crackers international” and this one kinda covered the loneliness a lot of us felt back then.



Number 3 –  Finneas – “Another Year”

Brother of Billie Eilish, he gave us this one for Christmas.  It just feels right at the moment, and what a voice.


Number 4 – Fisher – “Christmas Face”

Lifelong allies to the community (and good friends) “Fisher” who is now a queen in the EDM world, put this one out ages ago, that just seemed to cover it for the feelings of missing family. I am sure a lot of us are feeling this at the moment (I interviewed them for Instinct as well).


Number 5 – Pansy Division – “Homo Christmas”

If you needed something to take the edge off musically, and laugh about it all, this one rises right to the top. I covered Pansy Division as one of the first “Queercore” bands that influenced so many, and opened so many doors, and emptied so many closets too.

Give it up for Pansy Division for having crashed your Christmas party. There is no reason to be “Miserable like Morrissey” this holiday season.  Unfortunately, the awesome style and true video is only available while on YouTube (age restricted), but you should be able to listen to the lyrics in the video below, a little NSFW. 


Number 6 – Aaron LaCombe – “Uncle Carl (Came Out On Christmas)”

Aaron LaCombe Twitter bio reads, “I write the songs that make most people mildly uncomfortable.” I figured I was probably going to like this.

As the title suggests – so this isn’t a spoiler – ‘Uncle Carl’ comes out during a Christmas Day dinner (right before the Cowboys game) and it turns out that while the younger family members knew the what’s what, Carl’s brother is caught totally flat-footed by the news.  For more on the song and an interview with Aaron LaCombe, head over to our post, “When Your Gay Uncle Comes Out On Christmas Day” and enjoy the song there or below. 


… and a 7 and an 8 …

Since it’s not a Christmas song, but still a holiday jingle jangle, I can toss this one in for all the Jewish folk we love.




And for round two of Hanukkah, cause, hey, we need all we can get. I love this one for all the wrong reasons, and you all should, too.





Honorable Mention

Number 9 (it’s short) Tayla Parx,  “Ain’t A Lonely Christmas Song”

Cant really say it’s a “Christmas” song but, more a Musical “Christmas Card.”


If those didn’t resonate with you, that’s okay, thanks for listening. Maybe share some of your favorites too or go back and check out our other lists which I’ll mention again.

It has been a rough year for all of us. Some complications took me away from writing for Instinct for the better part of the last few months, and I have missed it.  Let’s get through these final weeks and have hopes for a better tomorrow. 

My personal greetings and wishes to the old friends, new friends, and my rainbow family. I love you all, and am grateful for what you give the world. Stay safe out there, and don’t get lonely. Keep in touch, and yes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Peace, Love, and Anarchy, friends.


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