Friday Five To Follow – We’re Sharing New Music For Your Weekend

We at Instinct receive so many incredible new tracks and new artists weekly, really the list is HUGE. Many emails are informing of us of new singles being dropped by artists that deserve attention. To give these artists the attention they deserve, we’re starting a new feature. Each week we’ll pick five songs/artists to share with you. They may be a new artist, a new release, or an older one you should have heard of before. We will be heavy handed on LGBT artists, but there will be some great allies included, too. 

1 – Limahl “Still in love” – @limahl_official

Limahl is back and sounding better than ever. We covered him at Christmas, and talked about the “Age of Coming Out”, being gay in the ’80s, and now.


Featured in three popular US TV shows last year, Limahl re-entered pop culture awareness and he laughs, “my Spotify monthly streams jumped  from 300,000 to 1.5 million!” Half jokingly, Limahl never really left pop culture prominence. His worldwide smashes “Neverending Story” and “Too Shy” (with band Kajagoogoo) were featured on hit television series Black Mirror (Episode: “Bandersnatch”), American Horror Story (Season Nine: “1984”) and Stranger Things (Season Three).

Now, with the first new material in years, his voice stands out as very polished. Enough Said, this one will go on repeat for a while. 

2 – Foxes – “Love Not Loving You” – @iamfoxes


British pop darling Foxes, who makes her triumphant return after a game-changing three-year hiatus, now ready to take the creative reins and sounding fresher than ever. The first single from this new chapter is the fantastic ‘Love Not Loving You’


This song is about finally falling in love with myself, about not depending on anyone else for my own happiness, And being able to stand on my own two feet. I hope the message in this song can inspire others to do the same.”

You might remember her from a very well-known song she did with Zedd – Clarity.  Wow, that was 2013.  If you need a refresher on that hit…

3 – Melanie C – “Blame It On Me” – @melaniecmusic


As arty as she wants to be, Melanie C (Sporty Spice from The Spice Girls) has released a new single, a dance track, “Blame it on Me”.

2020 has seen Melanie C return to the solo pop stage on her own unequivocal terms. A vital voice in the modern discourse on depression, body positivity, and the LGBTQ community, her trailblazing influence has arguably never been more apparent.

Whether presenting her friend Billie Eilish with a BRIT Award, being remixed by the esteemed Joe Goddard or discussing her journey thus far on a recent episode of BBC’s Desert Island Discs, Melanie is also hard at work on her most celebrated music in years. 



4 – Faze – “Magic” – @mjfaze

Los Angeles based gay vocalist put his piece out for his album Eclipse . FAZE wanted to create a visual world that effortlessly translated what the song is about “feeling sexy and feeling magical” so he enlisted the help of special effects artist John Huffnagle along with director Thom Trail and the result moves you through a mystical, fashion forward performance that feels otherworldly. 



5 – Tove Lo – “Sadder Badder Cooler” – @tovelo


Tove Lo, Sweden’s bisexual Icon for the community and “No limits” vocalist has released her new piece on May 22nd with an accompanying video that speaks for itself. “Sadder Badder Cooler”.

Speaking about the new song, Tove Lo reveals:

“Elvira Anderfjärd and I wrote sadder badder cooler after going deep about how every heart break kind of chips away a little piece of you, but it also gives you power if you let it. And how breaking it off with someone who’s bad to you is always a mixed feeling of sadness, anger and big relief. This song to me is full of glitter and power and I hope it hits heavy with my fans.” 



In 2018, Instinct attended LOVELOUD Music Festival in Utah (LOVELOUD 2018 – When In Utah, Let The Rainbow Flag Fly High).  There we had the opportunity to speak with organizers and LGBT artists.  It was a time like no other. Instinct’s Managing Editor was able to ask the final question of the Q&A. The question, loosely paraphrased was, “what do you need from us, the media.”  The overwhelming answer was to just help make these artists known.  We’ve always covered great LGBT musicians and allies.
This year, we have created a new playlist on out Instinct Magazine YouTube page.  If we interview an LGBTQ artist and they have a YouTube video, this will be the place where we will share the talents of known and unknown LGBTQ Musicians. Ever since LOVELOUD, we’ve been inspired to work even harder to promote the creative artists within our LGBTQ community. As we share and uncover new talent and new songs, we will share these to our playlist. Only LGBTQ artists will be on this playlist. We love you allies, but we’re saving this for rainbow family members.  The video inserted below brings you to the playlist or feel free to follow this link to Pride Music via Instinct and enjoy!

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